Portland Show Calendar: February 3 – 11

Hello! This is dj zen_hound. In the past I’ve published some local events calendars, to give Freeform Portland listeners and blog readers an idea of what sort of things are happening in our city a week or so at a time. Well, after a bit of a hiatus, I figured it was time to start it up again. So here’s a list of shows occurring through Sunday the 11th of February. Scroll around and click wherever you want – I hope you find something cool to listen to!

Saturday 2/3

Body Shame, Diositopes, {[(gang radio)]}

ADX (Art Design Xchange) (417 SE 11th Ave)

For Fans Of: experimental noise, industrial, noise, no wave, doom, sludge, trap, drone, ambient, instrumental

Collate, Lizard Skin, Noxeema, Cut Piece (Benefit for It Did Happen Here Spring Book Tour)

Black Water Bar (835 NE Broadway)

FFO: art punk, post-punk, no wave, death rock, noise rock, goth rock, hardcore punk

A Hope For Home, Bug Seance, Bashface, Jade Dust

Bridge City Sessions (1140 SE Powell Blvd)

FFO: post-hardcore, post-metal, post-rock, shoegaze, indie rock, math rock, emo

The Secret Light, Wire Spine, DV8R, Ringfinger (Sinth: PNW Dark Elektro Music Fest Day Two)

The Coffin Club (421 SE Grand Ave)

FFO: darkwave, synthwave, synth pop, post-punk, electronic body music, industrial, electro, shoegaze, coldwave

Nasalrod, Tacos!, Black Shelton and the American Dream

Mississippi Studios (3939 N Mississippi Ave)

FFO: art rock, art punk, experimental rock, heavy rock, heavy metal, hard rock, rock’n’roll

Crucified Class, Vueltas, Death Ridge Boys, Temple, All Out (Fast & Loose Fest)

The Six Below Midnight (3341 SE Belmont St)

FFO: anarcho-punk, hardcore punk, death rock, gothic rock, post-punk, punk rock, street punk, oi!, darkwave

Sunday 2/4

Dead Friends, First Class Martians, Glen & The Sunshine Gang, Get Down Moses

The Hallowed Halls/The Bomber (4420 SE 64th Ave)

FFO: pop punk, garage rock, pop rock, power pop

YARDSSS, Glacial Fall, Ellipsism (Self Group Collective 14th BDAY Bash/Benefit for Outside In & Sisters of the Road)

Holocene (1001 SE Morrison St)

FFO: ambient electronic, drone, synth, post-metal, sludge, post-rock, art punk, experimental

Bland Accent, Bitter Camari, Omo, Knablinz, Sapsucker!

Turn! Turn! Turn! (8 NE Killingsworth)

FFO: hip hop, lofi hip hop, underground hip hop, hip hop beats, experimental rock, country rock

Tuesday 2/6

Smoking Data Guns (CA), Fell Off (WA), Bory, Conspire

Black Water Bar (835 NE Broadway)

FFO: indie rock, alternative rock, heavy rock, power pop, pop rock, post-punk

Poison Ruïn, Alienator, Reek Minds

Mississippi Studios (3939 N Mississippi Ave)

FFO: hardcore punk, punk rock


No Fun (1709 SE Hawthorne Blvd)

FFO: experimental jazz, jazz rock, ambient rock

Superchunk, F*cked Up

Revolution Hall (1300 SE Stark St)

FFO: hardcore punk, psychedelic punk, indie rock, punk rock

Thursday 2/8

Clambait, Ex-Intelligence, None

The Fixin’ To (8218 N Lombard St)

FFO: experimental rock, psychedelic rock, alternative rock, indie rock, cow punk, country rock, noise rock, post-hardcore

Friday 2/9

Contact Cult, Mnemonic Pulse, Spiritual Exit

Azoth (NE 87th and NE Sandy)

FFO: drone, ambient, experimental electronic, industrial, post-industrial, new age, noise

Full Metal Jackson, Nihilist Nation, Spill, Leader-1

Dante’s (350 W Burnside St)

FFO: death metal, power metal, Michael Jackson, grindcore

Left To Rot, Rank And Vile, Gaspack

High Water Mark Lounge (6800 NE Martin Luther King Jr Blvd)

FFO: hardcore punk, powerviolence, death metal, grindcore

Gondos, Machine Country, Happy Death Men

The Six Below Midnight (3341 SE Belmont St)

FFO: garage rock, punk rock, psychedelic rock, alternative noise, noise rock, experimental rock

B|_ank, Sea Moss, Eric Schlappi

Turn! Turn! Turn! (8 NE Killingsworth)

FFO: experimental noise, harsh noise, avant-garde, improvisation, noise punk, industrial

Saturday 2/10

Atomic Terror, Sweater For An Astronaut, Hangfire, Set In Stone, These Cursed Hands, Within The Pyre (Wacken Metal Battle 2024)

Dante’s (350 W Burnside St)

FFO: thrash metal, speed metal, crossover thrash, grunge, alternative metal, hardcore, metalcore

Darkswoon, Medejin, Shadowlands

High Water Mark Lounge (6800 NE Martin Luther King Jr Blvd)

FFO: darkwave, post-punk, shoegaze, goth rock, indie rock, dream pop

Synths & Gadgets, Cosmonox, Etxera

No Fun (1709 SE Hawthorne Blvd)

FFO: ambient electronic, experimental electronic, chillwave, drone, glitch, dance music

Bedlum, Hovering Shrikes, Splendor

Shanghai Tunnel (211 SW Ankeny St)

FFO: new wave, post-punk, alternative rock, indie rock, melodic metal, crust

  • dj zen_hound, host of WHOA THIS IS HEAVY Friday 2-4pm on Freeform Portland Community Radio