Respectful Station Policy

Freeform Portland’s Commitment

It is the commitment of this radio station to provide an environment of safety, equality, respect, collaboration, openness and humility and to ensure it is free from negative, aggressive, and inappropriate behaviors or harassment.

All volunteers have the right to be treated with dignity, respect and compassion. All complaints of harassment or negative and inappropriate behaviors will be taken seriously and followed through to resolution, and volunteers who file grievances will not be victimized or retaliated on for “whistle-blowing” or reporting others for inappropriate behavior


Protection from negative, aggressive, and inappropriate behaviors or harassment extends to all volunteers and expands beyond the station and includes Freeform Portland online communication, social events (both in person and online). It is the responsibility of all volunteers to provide a healthy environment to volunteers, where all communication and interactions are marked by dignity, equality, compassion and respect

Diversity and Teamwork in an All-Volunteer Organization

As part of our mission, we welcome the complexity that results because of the many differences that exist among groups in our community: race, gender, class, age, sexual orientation, ability, ethnicity, etc. We believe our diversity is essential. Diversity makes us stronger and allows us to grow as individuals and as a community radio station. We embrace courageous conversations that stem from a genuine desire to understand each other and to work together humbly and respectfully. 

Being an all-volunteer community brings with it unique benefits as well as challenges that may differ greatly from a pay based organization. We are each here because we have a shared passion for music and community. At Freeform, everyone’s input is heard and valued. Decisions are made as a group and we embrace the democratic process.

Acceptable and Healthy Behaviors Defined

Acceptable and healthy station behaviors are any behaviors that promote respect, positivity,compassion and civility in our organization

Examples include, but are not limited to:

● Using respectful, supportive, and encouraging language in all interactions, no matter the subject

● Expressing appreciation for another volunteer’s participation and contributions.

● Educating yourself about microaggressions and communicate conscientiously in a diverse, multicultural organization.

● Accepting that mistakes will be made and are essential for learning. Commit to learning from yours as well as other’s mistakes and not belittling or criticising others.

● Respecting that as volunteers, we each have responsibilities and challenges outside of Freeform. Be patient, understanding and compassionate of another volunteer’s time and circumstances.

● Reserving judgement through active listening and a genuine desire to understand each other’s perspective. Give each other the benefit of the doubt.

● Avoiding assumptions, gossip, rumors, hearsay and accusations.

● Questioning a peer’s position on an issue politely rather than asserting your position is the right one; listening to your peer’s position with an open mind

● Giving peers direct constructive suggestions or feedback as opposed to personal criticism that they are not doing a good job or what you expect them to.

● Respecting each other’s experience and trusting their abilities

● Listening to new ideas and feedback humbly with an openness to learning and not as a personal attack on your abilities or accomplishments

● Approaching conflict with maturity and true desire for positive outcome, rather than as a fight or opportunity to belittle a volunteer

● Maintaining a positive attitude 

Inappropriate and Unacceptable Behaviors Defined

Inappropriate and unacceptable behaviors are defined as negative and even aggressive acts aimed at one or more individual and causing them to feel hurt, embarrassed, incompetent, disrespected, anxious, or depressed.

Examples include, but are not limited to:

● Any use of derogatory slurs toward another volunteer based on their race, gender, sexual orientation, ethnicity, class or age.

● Excessive yelling, repeated emotional outbursts, berating others, using a harsh tone of voice or foul language

● Talking down to others or using degrading remarks, language or tone of voice.

● Criticizing or talking down to others in front of a group; using a condescending tone

● Social exclusion or ostracism, ignoring others, silent treatment

● Treating some less favorably than others

● Blaming others for things vs providing constructive non accusatory feedback

● Gossiping or spreading rumors about other volunteers

● Acting “out to get” others

● Making threats physical and/or emotional; using intimidating tactics or bullying

● Any malicious behavior a reasonable person would find unprofessional, disturbing and harmful to their psychological health

These types of behaviors are widely recognized as having damaging consequences for their recipients, the observers of the behavior, and the organization as a whole and are therefore not tolerated.

Chair Responsibility

Chairs and other volunteers in positions of leadership have a particular responsibility to ensure that healthy and appropriate behaviors are being exhibited at all times and that complaints to the contrary are addressed.

Chairs will:

● Provide good examples by treating all with courtesy and respect

● Promote awareness of the Respectful Station Policy and resolution procedure

● Be vigilant for signs of inappropriate behaviors through observation and information seeking, and take action to resolve the behavior before it escalates

● Deal sensitively with volunteers involved in a grievance, whether as complainant or alleged aggressor

● Ensure that a volunteer making a complaint is not victimized for doing so, and seek resolution of such behavior if it occurs

● Monitor the situation after a complaint is made so as to prevent recurrence of the behavior.

● Facilitate anti-oppressive meetings and promote inclusion and opportunity for all volunteers to participate

Volunteer Responsibility

Volunteers can contribute to achieving a healthy collaborative environment which does not tolerate aggressive behavior at the station, in communications, or at any Freeform Portland social event.

Volunteers will:

● Abide by and promote awareness of the Respectul Station Policy

● Practice Acceptable and Healthy Behaviors and refrain from inappropriate behaviors

● Communicate honestly and report inappropriate behavior when necessary

Steps for Resolving or Reporting Inappropriate Behavior

Please use the following steps if you feel that another volunteer(s) has violated the Respectful Station Policy:

Step 1

If you feel you are in any immediate physical danger, believe a crime has been committed or require any medical assistance, contact local professional resources OR Call 911. If not, proceed to Step 2.

Step 2

As long as you feel safe to do so, please review these options for resolving conflicts on your own.

Step 3

If you are unable to resolve the issue and feel that the behavior should be reported, please file a formal complaint using the Freeform Grievance Procedure.