Give!Guide 2021

Freeform Portland is honored to be included in Willamette Week’s 2021 GIVE!GUIDE!

Give!Guide is Willamette Week’s annual effort to raise funds for — and draw attention to — the amazing works of local nonprofits.

For two months, our radio station will be featured alongside other incredible nonprofits who are making a difference in this community.

Our Give Guide Fundraising Mission:
We’re making accessibility a continued priority by working to expand our broadcasting reach, focusing on creating an accessible station, and providing broadcasting resources and opportunities to our diverse community who may not otherwise have access.

The campaign begins on November 1 and closes at midnight December 31.

You can see our exciting donation incentives on our G!G page here. G!G is also offering the chance to win awesome Portland local made and experienced gifts to donors. The more you give, the better chance you have!

We’re homemade, handcrafted radio. We’re providing a sound refuge from the chaos of the world. Our station is a communal jam zone where Portland residents from all cultural backgrounds and walks of life connect through the universal language of music.

Help us build an even better Freeform Portland. Be an active part of our communal jam zone and radio family this year by supporting us in the Give!Guide.


Freeform DJs regularly spin live at some of Portland’s best watering holes. Check out our events schedule to see when your favorite selector will be popping up on the turntables in the near future.


Love music, community and cool swag?!  Check out our merch shop for unique items designed and manufactured by our community. Better yet, 100% of every item purchased goes directly to supporting the station!


Applications for the Fall/Winter 2021 cycle are now closed and our new schedule debuted on October 1st.  Missed the opportunity to apply this time? Don’t worry, we open up our applications to new DJs every 6 months, so make sure you sign up for our mailing list to get notified. You can submit your email address in the widget in the right sidebar to join.

Better yet, start volunteering and interacting with our incredible community now and get yourself a place at the front of the queue for the next cycle!