2019 Fall Fundraiser!

2019 Fall Fundraiser!

Freeform Portland is proud to operate as a 100% volunteer-run non-profit radio station. Every one of our DJs gives the station hours of their own time every month, building our community and ensuring that Freeform Portland serves the community. Your generous donation helps us pay our rent, keep the lights on, maintain our equipment, and keep the airwaves flowing with 100% music—every day, every hour, every day of every week.

Freeform Portland 90.3 FM and 98.3 FM
Radio made by people, 24/7/365.25
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Our ever-changing, volunteer-run radio station provides a free space for anyone with a desire to share their love of music, creativity, and community. We welcome and train new DJs every six months—no experience necessary! DJs are free to choose the music they play. We’re from every community, and we’ve come together to form one of our own. This is what we believe in.

Thank you for being part of the reason we carry on. In Portland, tune in at 90.3 FM and 98.3 FM, and listen live from our homepage anywhere online.

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