Step Up and DJ!

Would you like to be a DJ on Freeform Portland?

Freeform Portland is currently accepting applications for the Spring/Summer 2020 schedule (March 1, 2020 through August 31, 2020). We’re seeking anyone who is passionate about music and community! If you are interested in being a volunteer DJ at Freeform Portland, please read and complete our online application. No experience necessary!

Click Here to apply!

What Is Freeform Portland?

Freeform Portland is run by a dedicated group of music enthusiasts and DJs from Portland, Oregon. We’re local volunteers who want to reclaim some portion of our airwaves from corporate control.

We offer:

  • Public broadcasting classes and music education opportunities
  • DJs with unique cultural perspectives and fresh voices from the local community
  • Exposure to local and touring musicians
  • Experimental music and arts programming, under-represented in Portland

Let’s uphold community radio and freeform programming that truly reflects and celebrates our local communities.

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