Land Acknowledgement

Freeform Portland Community Radio acknowledges the land we occupy as residents is unceded Indigenous land. We acknowledge we reside on the ancestral lands of the Cowlitz, Multnomah, Kathlamet, Clackamas, Tumwater, Tualatin Kalapuya, Wasco, Molalla, Watlala, Bands of the Chinook, and so many other nations who made this area their home. In addition to the federally recognized tribes mentioned, we also acknowledge the presence of numerous “unrecognized” tribes and Indigenous groups whose stories also demand our attention. 

By recognizing these communities, we honor their legacy, lives, and descendants, and acknowledge our roles and responsibilities as guests on stolen lands. It is important we recognize we are here because of the sacrifices forced upon them.

We acknowledge the land we occupy and the communities that have been their stewards while knowing a mere recognition of the local peoples that have inhabited this space before us is not enough. 

As part of acknowledging the land we inhabit, we are committed to learning the history of the Indigenous people who lived here in the past as well as learning about the Indigenous communities living in Oregon today. 

Indigenous people are part of our history, our present, and our future. 

How you can do more today:

  • Actively listen to Indigenous community members and leaders.
  • Learn about the people who lived here in the past and the people who are here today — we’ve included some beginning resources below!
  • Support Indigenous artists and creators all year round and not only on a specific day or month.
  • Read and subscribe to media and content created by Indigenous folks.
  • Share messages on social media with intention and learn who actually manages the account to avoid contributing to the profit off of Indigenous trauma.
  • Buy from and support Indigenous businesses. 
  • Contribute your time or money to nonprofit organizations who are focused on supporting the Indigenous communities in the Portland Metro Area. (And, if you’re listening to Freeform Portland from elsewhere, be sure to look into whose land you’re on and organizations local to your region.)


Here are some beginning resources to learn more: