Station Top 30 – Week of 8/14/2023

1. The Clientele – I Am Not There Anymore (Merge)
2. Aphex Twin – Blackbox Life Recorder 21f / in a room7 F760 EP (Warp)
3. Salami Rose Joe Louis – Akousmatikous (Brainfeeder)
4. Loris S. Sarid – A Tiny Reminder (Moon Glyph)
5. Mong Tong 夢東 – Tao Fire 道火 (Guruguru Brain)
6. Belbury Poly – The Path (Ghost Box)
7. Bush Tetras – They Live In My Head (Wharf Cat)
8. Methods Body – Baphomet (Beacon Sound)
9. Gunn/Truscinski/Nace – Glass Band (Three Lobed)
10. Florry – The Holey Bible (Dear Life)
11. Ash Walker – Astronaut (Night Time Stories)
12. Water From Your Eyes – Everyone’s Crushed (Matador)
13. UFOm – Aliens Are Real (Moon Glyph)
14. V/A – Ballads of Seduction, Fertility and Ritual Slaughter (Was Ist Das)
15. Fabiano do Nascimento – Das Nuvens (Leaving)
16. Private Lives – Hit Record (Feel It)
17. Lifeguard – Crowd Can Talk / Dressed In Trenches (Matador)
18. Kraak & Smaak – Twenty (Jalapeno)
19. Sea Moss – SEAMOSS2 (Ramp Local)
20. Fire-Toolz – I am upset because I see something that is not there. (Hausu Mountain)
21. Saloli – Canyon (Kranky)
22. Saya Gray – Qwerty [EP] (Dirty Hit)
23. Baxter Dury – I Thought I Was Better Than You (Heavenly/PIAS)
24. Madison McFerrin – I Hope You Can Forgive Me (MADMCFERRIN)
25. Ital Tek – Timeproof (Planet Mu)
27. Lead Into Gold – The Eternal Present (Artoffact)
28. Sweeping Promises – Good Living Is Coming For You (Sub Pop)
29. Mort Garson – Journey to the Moon and Beyond (Sacred Bones)
30. Guided By Voices – Welshpool Frillies (GBVinc)

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