When You Sleep


Tuesday 2AM-4AM

Submerge yourself into the shimmering depths of guitar fuzz and ethereal effects while the wall of distortion washes over you. Rewinding back to an era that gave us the original 80s & 90s music of shoegaze/indie/dreampop and alternative sound.

  • April 16, 2021

    Freeform 5th Birthday Mix

    • Ride "Leave Them All Behind" [Going Blank Again]
    • Cocteau Twins "Summerhead" [Four-Calendar Cafe]
    • Catherine Wheel "Judy Staring at the Sun" [Happy Days]
    • Belly "Full Moon, Empty Heart" [Star]
    • Ciccone Youth "Addicted to Love" [The Whitey Album]
    • Slowdive "Souvlaki Space Station" [Souvlaki ]
  • April 13, 2021

    When You Sleep 04/13/21

    • Medicine "The Pink" [The Buried Life]
    • Lilys "Tone Bender" [In the Presence of Nothing]
    • Love and Rockets "Welcome Tomorrow" [Earth, Sun, Moon]
    • Cocteau Twins "Millimillenary" [The Pink Opaque]
    • The Chameleons "Swamp Thing" [Strange Times]
    • My Bloody Valentine "Sueisfine" [Isn’t Everything]
    • Lush "Nothing Natural" [Spooky]
    • Liz Phair "Nashville" [Whip-Smart]
    • The Sugarcubes "Birthday" [Life’s Too Good]
    • Ride "Sennen" [Nowhere]
    • Breathless "All That Matters Now" [Between Happiness and Heartache]
    • The B-52’s "Give Me Back My Man" [Wild Planet]
    • L7 "Monster" [Bricks Are Heavy]
    • Dinosaur Jr. "Freak Scene" [Bug]
    • The Mission "Tower of Strength" [Children]
    • Clan of Xymox "Michelle" [Medusa]
    • Throwing Muses "Counting Backwards" [The Real Ramona]
    • Primal Scream "Higher Than the Sun" [Screamadelica]
    • Dead Can Dance "American Dreaming" [Toward the Within]
    • New Order "Love Vigilantes" [Low-Life]
    • Ween "Mutilated Lips" [The Mollusk]
    • Slowdive "When the Sun Hits" [Souvlaki]
    • The Sound "Winning" [From the Lions Mouth]
    • Swervedriver "Duress" [Mezcal Head]
  • April 06, 2021

    When You Sleep 04/06/21

  • April 06, 2021

    When You Sleep 04/06/21

    • This Mortal Coil "Ivy and Neet" [Filigree & Shadow]
    • Throwing Muses "Fish" [Lonely Is an Eyesore]
    • The Chills "Night of the Chill Blue" [Brave Words]
    • Ultra Vivid Scene "Mercy Seat" [Ultra Vivid Scene]
    • Pixies "Something Against You" [Surfer Rosa]
    • Galaxie 500 "Strange" [On Fire]
    • Chapterhouse "Come Heaven" [Whirlpool]
    • Slowdive "Alison" [Souvlaki]
    • The Ocean Blue "Between Something and Nothing" [The Ocean Blue]
    • The Sundays "Goodbye" [Blind]
    • The Jesus and Mary Chain "April Skies" [Darklands]
    • Swervedriver "Rave Down" [Raise]
    • The Brian Jonestown Massacre "Anemone " [Their Satanic Majesties’ Second Request]
    • The Cure "A Night Like This" [The Head on the Door]
    • Ride "Dreams Burn Down" [Nowhere]
    • Cocteau Twins "Aloysius" [Treasure]
    • Lush "Sweetness and Light" [Sweetness and Light EP]
    • Jane’s Addiction "Obvious" [Ritual de lo habitual]
    • Cranes "Jewel" [Forever]
    • Pavement "Here" [Slanted and Enchanted]
    • Belly "Superconnected" [King]
    • Juliana Hatfield "Simplicity is Beautiful" [Only Everything]
    • Catherine Wheel "Black Metallic" [Ferment]
    • Drop Nineteens "Angel" [Delaware]
    • My Bloody Valentine "When You Sleep" [Loveless]
  • March 30, 2021