It's a Treble Life

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Saturday 8AM-10AM

Local Favorites, Forgotten Hits, and Underground Gems

  • March 28, 2020

    • March 14, 2020

      March 14th 2020 (Oh! Anxiety)

      • The Fugs "Burial Waltz - 2006 Remaster" [Electromagnetic Steamboat: The Reprise Recordings]
      • Randy Newman "The Story of a Rock and Roll Band" [Born Again]
      • The Cars "I'm in Touch with Your World" [The Cars]
      • Talking Heads "Heaven" [Fear of Music]
      • Brian Eno "Third Uncle - 2004 Digital Remaster" [Taking Tiger Mountain (By Strategy)]
      • Ween "Up On The Hill" [God Ween Satan: The Oneness [Anniversary Edition]]
      • Silver Jews "Smith & Jones Forever" [American Water]
      • Kurt Vile "Breathin Out" [Constant Hitmaker]
      • Guided By Voices "My Valuable Hunting Knife" [Tigerbomb]
      • Thinking Fellers Union Local 282 "My Pal the Tortoise" [Strangers from the Universe]
      • The Make-Up "I Am Pentagon" [Save Yourself]
      • The Velvet Underground "Beginning To See The Light" [The Velvet Underground (45th Anniversary / Deluxe Edition)]
      • Paul McCartney "Uncle Albert / Admiral Halsey - Medley / Remastered 2012" [Ram (Archive Collection)]
      • Rubber Blanket "Owl Vision" [Our Album]
      • Lars Finberg "Permanent Prowl" [Moonlight Over Bakersfield]
      • Thom Fekete "Frame" [Grow]
      • Miles Davis "Black Satin" [On The Corner]
      • The Gories "There But for the Grace of God Go I" [Outta Here]
      • Cop City/Chill Pillars "The Greatest Man Who Ever Lived" [Held Hostage On Planet Chill]
      • Thomas Jefferson Slave Apartments "My Mysterious Death (Turn It Up)" [Bait And Switch]
      • Dan Melchior Und Mas Menace "O! Anxiety" [Thankyou Very Much]
      • Spray Paint "Squeaker's Theme" [Into the Country]
      • The Lavender Flu "In League with Satan" [Barbarian Dust]
      • Great Plains "When Do You Say Hello?" [Length of Growth 1981-89]
      • Peter Grudzien "The Unicorn" [The Unicorn]
      • Big Nitty "336699" [Lil Peench]
      • CT BOMBERS "The Dive" [Live on KRFH]
      • The Sueves "Dudes in Suits" [Change Your Life]
      • The Rebel "Bums on a Rock" [Northern Rocks Bear Weird Vegetable]
      • The Dewars "Switzerland" [All a Part of the Show]
      • Counter Intuits "Sunglasses After Death" [Monosyllabilly]
      • R. Stevie Moore "Don't Let Me Go to the Dogs" [Glad Music]
      • Nat King Cole "Nature Boy" [The Nat King Cole Story]