Somebody's Story

Gregory Caruci

Monday 2PM-4PM

Somebody's Story is about the journey that Gregory Caruci (me) have created through the time, coming all the way from South America, Europe, the East and the West of the U.S. I follow and share the biggest hits in house/disco/tech/latin and the interesting things and facts that and music in general can teach us, and also how psychology provides an important base from which to understand music. I'm here to motivate, to lead and to share the beautiful things in life.

  • October 25, 2021

    EP002 SS

    • Silo "Overdrive" [N/A]
    • Drake "Get It Together" [N/A]
    • David Walters "Krye Mwen" [N/A]
    • Como "Like It Is" [N/A]
    • Sugar Hill, Natema "Como Va" [N/A]
    • Elenoir "Wrong Party" [N/A]
    • Peggy Gou "I Go" [N/A]
    • Floyd Lavine "Kusimama" [N/A]
    • Franco Schmid "Music On" [N/A]
    • Steve Darko "Thumbs" [N/A]
    • Luuk van dik "flangosh" [N/A]
    • Neverdogs "Frontier" [N/A]
    • Miane "Who are you?" [N/A]
  • October 11, 2021

    • October 11, 2021

      • Rawayana "Sádico" [Trippy Caribbean]
      • Kormak "Mango" [Mango]
      • Diplo, SIDEPIECE, Purple Disco Machine "On My Mind" [On My Mind]
      • Fatboy Slim, Purple Disco Machine "Praise You" [N/A]
      • Jay Cortez, Skrillex "En mi cuarto" [N/A]
      • Daniel Steinberg "Pasilda" [N/A]
      • Carlo h "Back to house" [N/A]
      • Peggy Gou "Han Pan" [N/A]
      • O Terno, Xinobi "Bielzinho Bielzinho" [N/A]
      • MEEN "Occult Rhythms" [N/A]
      • LNR "Work It To The Bone" [N/A]