Joe Nasty

Tuesday 6PM-8PM

soft.daddy.disco. is a place where dance music enthusiasts of today are invited to delve into the history of dance music, particularly that of the especially fertile micro-era of 1977 to 1983 when disco became house, funk became boogie, reggae became dancehall, and entire new genres like freestyle, electro, & hip hop were born. Hosted by the soft daddy himself, Joe Nasty, soft.daddy.disco. is an invitation to dance just like your cool auntie did back in the day.

  • October 13, 2021

    • October 05, 2021

      soft.daddy.disco. on Freeform Portland #1

      • The Les McCann Ltd. "Les McNasty" [Beaux J. Pooboo]
      • Bloodstone "Natural High" [Natural High]
      • Solar Flare "Don't Play With Fire" [single]
      • Lonnie Liston Smith "Exotic Mysteries" [Exotic Mysteries]
      • Sade "Smooth Operator - Single Version" [The Best of Sade]
      • France Lise "Pour Moi Ca Va (Charles Maurice Version)" [French Disco Boogie Sounds]
      • Kashif "I Just Gotta Have You (Lover Turn Me On)" [Kashif (Expanded Edition)]
      • Solar Flare "Boogie Fund" [single]
      • Lonnie Liston Smith "Space Princess" [Exotic Mysteries]
      • Raze "Caught you Cheatin (Instrumental)" [single]
      • Aleem Feat Leroy Burgess "Get Loose - Framewerk Master Mix" [Get Loose]
      • Evasions "Wikka Wrap - Original Mix" [The Wikka Wrap]
      • Herbie Hancock "I Thought It Was You" [Sunlight]
      • Donald Byrd "Love Has Come Around" [Love Byrd]
      • B.B.C.S.& A. "Rock Shock - Original Mix" [Rock Shock]
      • Robert Palmer "You're in My System" [single]
      • Brooklyn Express "Burning Hot" [single]
      • Atlantic Starr "When Love Calls - Single Version" [Ultimate Collection: Atlantic Starr]
      • Lisa Stansfield "All Around the World" [Affection (Deluxe)]
      • Sade "Paradise" [The Best of Sade]
      • Maxwell "Ascension (No One's Gonna Love You, So Don't Ever Wonder)[The Tribute][Cut]" [Ascension (Don't Ever Wonder) The Tribute]
      • Johnny "Hammond" Smith "It's Too Late" [Breakout]
      • Herbie Hancock "No Means Yes" [Sunlight]
      • Durand Jones & The Indications "Private Space" [Private Space]
      • Lisa Stansfield "Affection" [Affection (Deluxe)]
      • Sade "The Sweetest Taboo" [The Best of Sade]
      • Maxwell "Lock You Up N' Love Fa Days - PT.04" [...Til The Cops Come Knockin' - The Opus/The Urban Theme]