Zaylor Zwift

Tuesday Midnight-2AM

An exploration of the algorithmic recommendations by streaming services. We start with an artist/band and each track is selected from the list of recommended artists for the previous artist. How diverse we get depends on how diverse the algorithm allows!

  • March 10, 2020

    girl band to man forever

    • Girl Band "Laggard" [The Talkies]
    • Tropical Fuck Storm "You Let My Tyres Down" [A Laughing Death in Meatspace]
    • Otoboke Beaver "Binge eating binge drinking bulimia" [ITEKOMA HITS]
    • Melt-Banana "DisPosable Weathercock" [Scratch or Stitch]
    • Boredoms "Rat Soup" [Wow2]
    • Nisennenmondai "A" [N]
    • Les Rallizes Dénudés "Enter The Mirror" [Heavier Than A Death In The Family]
    • Cindy Lee "Speaking from Above" [What's Tonight to Eternity]
    • Carla dal Forno "Fast Moving Cars" [You Know What It's Like]
    • Dean Blunt "The Narcissist" [The Narcissist II]
    • James Ferraro "Google Poeises" [Far Side Virtual]
    • Laurel Halo "Thaw" [Quarantine]
    • Julia Holter "Vasquez" [Have You In My Wilderness]
    • U.S. Girls "Island Song" [U.S. GIRLS on KRAAK]
    • John Maus "Streetlight" [We Must Become the Pitiless Censors of Ourselves]
    • Dirty Beaches "Sweet 17" [Badlands]
    • Women "Eyesore" [Public Strain]
    • No Age "Everybody's Down" [Weirdo Rippers]
    • Abe Vigoda "Animal Ghosts" [Skeleton]
    • Ponytail "Beg Waves" [Ice Cream Spiritual]
    • Ecstatic Sunshine "Swirling Hearts" [Freckle Wars]
    • Man Forever "Drums -> Space" [Day of the Dead]