Local Universe


Tuesday Noon-2PM

Local Universe features music from Portland area artists. Digging deep into various genres to provide the listener with a variety of sounds such as ambient, house, noise, breaks, beats, experimental, leftfield techno and more. Each week is a dive into a different style. and Listeners can discover new artists and new trends in the various local scenes.

  • October 17, 2021

    • Daniel Menche "Nest" [Nest]
    • MSC / The Body "What Have I Let the World Make of Me" [I Don't Ever Want To Be Alone]
    • Eric Schlappi "The Last Incantation" [The Living Ship]
    • Body Shame "Quiet Pills" [Quiet Pills]
    • Avola "Neon Beat Down" [When It Reigns It Pours vol.13]
    • Yellow Swans "Opt Out" [Going Places]
    • Euphoria Journal "Void of Unfulfilled" [Did you Find My Letter]
    • Brizbomb "140104T0007" [1401]
    • Soft Fantasy "Palliate (live)" [Palliate]
    • Pulse Emitter "Decaying Ships 3 " [Decaying Ships]
    • E.M.S. "Hierarchy of Bodies" [House of Low Culture 4xSplit LP]
  • October 05, 2021

    Local Universe 10/05/2021

    • Patricia Wolf "Position From the Sun" [Position From The Sun (Single)]
    • Via Dekum "Guided By Fog" [Resampled Friends]
    • Forrest "Liquid Echo" [Cloud Canvas]
    • Dolphin Midwives "Idyll" [Body of Water]
    • Elrond "Strata's Theme" [Airship Dreams]
    • Ann Annie "Blossom" [Cordillera]
    • Crystal Quartez "Growth" [Sonic Blooming]
    • Marcus Fischer "Monocoastal (Part 2)" [Monocoastal]
    • Andrew Black "Fall" [Petals]
    • Liila "Whale Song for No One" [Soundness of Mind]
    • Moss Wand "Pineal Activation" [Body Supernovae]
    • Pulse Emitter "Lunar Orbit / Lunar Surface" [Void]