Club Ocelot

DJ KIttybot

Monday 2AM-4AM

Guten Tag, Ocelots! I present to you a mix of nostalgic post punk, noise, noisy rock, goth, industrial, no-wave, cat wave and more. A freeform program on a premiere freeform station!

  • November 01, 2021

    Club Ocelot - Episode 3

    • October 18, 2021

      Club Ocelot - Episode 2

      • Gudrun Gut "Rock Bottom Riser" [I Put A Record On]
      • Dive "39 Stitches" [DIVE 2: Concrete Jungle + Extended Play (EP) + Extras]
      • Clock DVA "Sound Mirror" [Buried Dreams]
      • Konstruktivists "Ikon" [Glennascaul]
      • Tranceonic "America is Happy" [New Crime]
      • Genevieve Pasquier "Bouge!" [Bouge! 12"]
      • Celluloid Mata "Code" [La Connectique 12"]
      • Imminent "Inner Strategy" [Imminent/Synapscape Remix Project]
      • Klangstabil "Der Menschenhasser" [One Step Back, Two Steps Forward]
      • HTRK "Love Is A Distraction" [9-5 Club]
      • Choir Boy "I Feel How the Snow Falls" [Passive with Desire]
      • Coil "Teenage Lightning 2 - Remastered" [Love's Secret Domain (30th-Anniversary Edition)]
      • Soriah "Gnosis" [Cathartes]
      • Paraparaparallelogram & Nurse With Wound "Cyclobe" [Cyclobe]
      • Daniel Menche "Fractured Limbs" [Fractured Limbs 7"]
      • Loss "You Are What Eats You" [You Are What Eats You]
      • Ô Paradis "Tierra Gastada" [Entre Siempre Y Jamás Suben Las Mareas, Duermen Las Ciudades]
      • Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds "I Need You" [The Skeleton Tree]
      • Darkthrone "His Masters Voice" [Eternal Hails......]
    • October 04, 2021

      Club Ocelot Episode 1

      • Bruce Haack "National Anthem To The Moon" [Farad: The Electric Voice]
      • A Trois Dans Les WC "Contagion" [v/a BIPP]
      • The Actor "Covergirl" [Covergirl EP]
      • Starter "Minijupe" [Starter]
      • Esplendor Geométrico "Moscú Está Helado" [The Minimal Wave Tapes: Volume One]
      • Quintron "Do The Stomp" [Satan Is Dead]
      • Marcel Bontempi "Just Dropped In" [Witches, Spiders, Frogs and Holes]
      • Teatro Satanico "Confesso Tutto I" [Teatro Satanico]
      • Haus Arafna "Keine Traenen" [Asche]
      • Cindytalk "On Snowmoor" [On Snowmoor]
      • Grimble Grumble "Sunrise" [September Sun]
      • Sun Ra "Nuclear War" [A Fireside Chat with Lucifer]
      • Negativland "No Brain" [No Brain]
      • Bill Callahan "America!" [Apocalypse]
      • Jon Wayne "Mr. Egyptian" [Texas Funeral]
      • Interference "She Said Destroy" [Interference]
      • David Bowie "Boys Keep Swinging - 2017 Remaster" [Lodger (2017 Remaster)]
      • Viagra Boys "Liquids" [Consistency of Energy]
      • Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds "From Her to Eternity - 2009 Remastered Version" [From Her To Eternity (2009 Remastered Version)]
      • Adrian Belew "Big Electric Cat" [Desire Of The Rhino King]
      • Thee Oh Sees "Encrypted Bounce" [Drop]
      • Helium "Pat's Trick" [The Dirt of Luck]
      • Rowland S. Howard "Exit Everything" [Teenage Snuff Film]
      • Joy Division "Decades - 2007 Remaster" [Closer (Collector's Edition)]
      • The Flaming Stars "Some Things You Don't Forget" [Ginmill Perfume - The Story So Far 1995-2000]