I think I'm alive again for good


Tuesday 4PM-6PM

Music that makes you want to live — not necessarily be happy, but keep being a person. Mostly soul, r&b, and pop.

  • May 10, 2022

    Guest DJ Cabeza de Lechuza

    Substitute DJ: Cabeza De Lechuza

    • VNV Nation "Illusion" [Judgement]
    • Depeche Mode "Sweetest Perfection - 2006 Remaster" [Violator (2006 Remaster)]
    • :Wumpscut: "Thorns - Distant Vocals Version" [Born Again]
    • And One "Speicherbar - Live Julia" [Live]
    • Ole Ole "No Controles" [Ole Ole]
    • Noisuf-X "Banzai (Tenno Heika)" [Banzai]
    • Adán & Ilse "Swallow You All - David Carretta Remix" [From the Waves]
    • Kozi "Honey Vanity Retromantics club mix" [Single]
    • Eisfabrik "7even Days of Darkness" [Life Below Zero]
    • Male Tears "DOMIN8" [DOMIN8]
    • Noromakina "Vortex" [single]
    • T.O.Y. "The Darkness & the Light" [Pain Is Love]
    • Covenant "We Stand Alone" [Northern Light]
    • Solitary Experiments "Crash & Burn" [Future Tense]
    • Body Divine "How to suffer" [Pleasure from Pain]
    • S. Product "Bell Tolls" [Suicide Beat]
    • Gewalt "Doubtful Mechanics" [Routine V/A 002 – gråni]
    • TR/ST "The Last Dregs" [TRST]
    • Balvanera "Rust" [Courses of Action]
    • Gewalt M "Somewhere" [Synesthesia]
    • NNHMN "B.o.y" [B.o.y]
    • Andromeda "Controle" [11:11]
    • Boy Harsher "Pain" [Lesser Man EP]
    • Balvanera "How much does the body resist?" [Courses of Action]
    • Sexual Purity "Alone" [Beautiful Scar of Society]
  • April 26, 2022


    • La Roux "I'm Not Your Toy" [La Roux]
    • Deerhoof "Your Dystopic Creation Doesn't Fear You" [Mountain Moves]
    • Dear Nora "To Fall Is Not to Fail" [Three States: Rarities 1997-2007]
    • Luscious Jackson "Ladyfingers" [Electric Honey]
    • Kurt Vile "Wakin On A Pretty Day" [Wakin On A Pretty Daze]
    • Japanese Breakfast "Road Head" [Soft Sounds from Another Planet]
    • POLIÇA "Lay Your Cards Out" [Give You The Ghost]
    • Slipknot "Duality" [Vol. 3: The Subliminal Verses]
    • Sonic Youth "Creme Brulee" [Dirty]
    • Liz Phair "Divorce Song - Remastered" [Exile In Guyville]
    • Sonic Youth "Little Trouble Girl" [Washing Machine]
    • Deerhoof "Midnight, The Stars and You" [Midnight, The Stars and You]
    • Deerhoof "Life is Suffering" [The Magic]
    • Blossom, HOT16 "Dreaming" [Tease]
    • Fantasia "When I See U" [Fantasia]
    • JoJo "Baby It's You" [JoJo]
    • Dim Wit "Posi Posse Possibly" [Self-Titled]
    • THEESatisfaction "QueenS" [awE naturalE]
    • Dizzy Fae "Booty 3000" [Free Form Mixtape]
    • Dizzy Fae "I'm Good" [I'm Good]
    • M.I.A. "Exodus" [Matangi]
    • Dua Saleh "Warm Pants" [Warm Pants]
    • Donormaal "Emotional" [Third Daughter]
    • Rihanna "Hard" [Rated R]
    • Res "Golden Boys" [How I Do]
    • Childish Gambino "Me and Your Mama" ["Awaken, My Love!"]
    • Messy "How I Get It" [Drowse (Eternal Sleepover Soundtrack)]
    • Jai Paul "BTSTU - Edit" [BTSTU (Edit)]
    • ((( O ))) "Nature's Joint" [((( 1 )))]
    • Le Tigre "Fake French" [Feminist Sweepstakes]
    • Gossip "Are You That Somebody - Live" [Live In Liverpool]
    • Sleater-Kinney "A Real Man" [Sleater-Kinney (Remastered)]
    • Donormaal "Okie Doke" [Third Daughter]
    • Culture Club "Miss Me Blind - Remastered 2003" [Colour By Numbers]