What's This Called?

Ricardo Wang

Saturday 2PM-4PM

Since 1993, a Pacific NW stalwart source for experimental, noise, drone, post-punk, weird, and non-mainstream musics. WTC began at KAOS Olympia 89/3 FM in August of '93 and rand there until 2003. After a two year hiatus it moved to Portland's KPSU in 2005 and has been there on Saturdays at noon ever since. Live guests have included Japan's Green Milk from the Planet Orange, Moscow Russia's Asian Women on the Telephone, and The Silverman from Legendary Pink Dots. 

The show is dependably free-form with song/sound decisions made up to the moment from stacks of sources that don't fit neatly into any one genre. Rare noise cdrs but up against ambient online net releases and classic post-punk albums amidst forays into free jazz skronk, contemporary classical instrumentation, field recordings, and plunderphonics.