TBA Friday 4AM


Friday 4AM-6AM

  • April 05, 2019

    Substitute DJ: Robi

    • Treha Sektori "Berh Ehn Confession" [Endessiah]
    • Lustmord "Babel" [The Word as Power]
    • Henryk Górecki "II. Lento e largo—Tranquillissimo" [Henryk Górecki: Symphony No. 3 (Symphony Of Sorrowful Songs)]
    • Mamiffer "Mára" [The World Unseen]
    • Nico "Janitor Of Lunacy" [Desertshore]
    • Sinoia Caves "1966 - Let The New Age Of Enlightenment Begin" [Beyond The Black Rainbow - Original Soundtrack]
    • YOB "Original Face" [Our Raw Heart]
    • Windhand "Diablerie" [Eternal Return]
    • Fucked Up "Golden Seal" [The Chemistry Of Common Life]
    • Hum "Afternoon With The Axolotls" [Downward Is Heavenward]
    • Deftones "Kimdracula" [Saturday Night Wrist (Explicit Version)]
    • True Widow "FOUR TEETH" [Circumambulation]
    • Nothing "Mine Is Clouds" [Downward Years to Come]
    • Lilys "There Is No Such Thing as Black Orchids" [In the Presence of Nothing]
    • Slowdive "Sugar for the Pill" [Slowdive]
    • Pia Fraus "How Fast Can You Love" [In Solarium]
    • Alvvays "Archie, Marry Me" [Alvvays]
    • No Joy "I Am An Eye Machine" [More Faithful]
  • February 15, 2019

    Substitute DJ: zen_hound

    • Mgła "Mdłości I" [Mdłości]
    • Lumbar "Day One" [The First & Last Days of Unwelcome]
    • Lumbar "Day Two" [The First & Last Days of Unwelcome]
    • High On Fire "Sanctioned Annihilation" [Electric Messiah]
    • Panopticon "Snow Burdened Branches" [The Scars of Man on the Once Nameless Wilderness, Part 1]
    • Daughters "Satan in the Wait" [You Won't Get What You Want]
    • Lycus "Tempest" [Tempest]
    • Graves at Sea "Betting On Black" [Split]
    • Blut Aus Nord "Epitome XVIII" [777 - Cosmosophy]
    • Extremity "Misbegotten / Coffin Death" [Coffin Birth]
    • Chelsea Wolfe "Pale On Pale" [Apokalypsis]
    • The Body & Full Of Hell "Didn't the Night End" [Ascending a Mountain of Heavy Light]
    • Lightning Bolt "Dream Genie" [Fantasy Empire]
    • Sunn 0))) "A Shaving of the Horn That Speared You" [White1]
  • February 01, 2019

    Substitute DJ: zen_hound

    • Khanate "Release" [Capture & Release]
    • Ails "Bitter Past" [The Unraveling]
    • The Dillinger Escape Plan "Variations on a Cocktail Dress" [Calculating Infinity]
    • Nux Vomica "Corpses with Egos" [Asleep in the Ashes]
    • Primitive Man "Naked" [Split]
    • Cult Leader "Driftwood" [Nothing For Us Here]
    • Grails "Take Refuge" [Take Refuge in Clean Living]
    • Ilsa "Drums of Dark Gods" [Corpse Fortress]
    • Wretched of the Earth "False Sense Of Nature" [Fire To Their Houses]
    • Succumb "Seedling" [Succumb]
    • Thou "Fucking Chained to the Bottom of the Ocean" [Tyrant (2xLP Reissue)]
    • Hissing "Perdurance" [Permanent Destitution]
  • January 25, 2019

    Substitute DJ: zen_hound

    • Agoraphobic Nosebleed "Gnaw" [Arc]
    • Indian "Ration" [The Unquiet Sky]
    • Cavernlight "To Wallow in the Filth That Dwells Where Despair Is Born" [As We Cup Our Hands and Drink from the Stream of Our Ache]
    • Wayfarer "The Dreaming Plain" [World's Blood]
    • Sumac "The Task" [Love In Shadow]
    • Cough "Dead Among the Roses" [Still They Pray]
    • Noothgrush "Thoth" [Split]
    • The Body "Sickly Heart Of Sand" [I Have Fought Against It, But I Can’t Any Longer.]
    • Blut Aus Nord "Level - 3 (Nothing Becomes)" [Thematic Emanation Of Archetypal Multiplicity]
    • Ruins "Asylum" [Within]
    • Old Man Gloom "Shadowed Hand" [NO]
    • Ash Borer "Rotten Firmament" [The Irrepassable Gate]