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A new dimension in broadcasting; a lifetime worn and ragged through extraterrestrial guidance and living on the edge of something I can’t or won’t understand

  • July 31, 2020

    Streets on Fire

    • Roy Brooks & The Artistic Truth "Black Survival (Intro Only)" [ Black Survival - "The Sahel Concert" At Town Hall ]
    • Gil Scott-Heron "Brother" [ Small Talk At 125th And Lenox ]
    • Dub Syndicate "Dubbing Psycho Killer (Intro Only)" [ Echomania ]
    • Singers And Players "Snipers In The Streets" [Staggering Heights ]
    • Max Romeo "chase the devil" [7"]
    • Crass "Bloody Revolutions" [ Bloody Revolutions 7"]
    • Prince Far-I And The Arabs "Shake the Nation" [Cry Tuff Dub Encounter Chapter III ]
    • Gil Scott-Heron "Pieces Of A Man" [Pieces Of A Man ]
    • The Roots ‎ "Livin' In A New World" [Game Theory]
    • Maulawi "Street Rap" [ Maulawi ]
    • Bo Diddley "Black Soul" [The Black Gladiator]
    • Lupe Fiasco "Streets On Fire" [Lupe Fiasco's The Cool ]
    • Deltron 3030 "Love Story" [Deltron 3030]
    • KRS-one (feat. Ralphie) "Gimmie Da Gun" [Life]
    • Lupe Fiasco "Little Weapon" [Lupe Fiasco's The Cool]
    • Schoolly D "Black Man" [Smoke Some Kill ]
    • Shango "Shango Message " [Shango Message 12"]
    • Dj Shadow "Six Days" [The Private Press ]
    • Big Daddy Kane "Enough! (feat. Chuck D & Loren Oden)" [Enough! single]
    • Sun Ra And His Interplanetary Vocal Arkestra "The Truth About Planet Earth" [The Space Age Is Here To Stay ]
    • Sun Ra Quartet Featuring John Gilmore ‎ "Friend and Friendship" [New Steps ]
    • Archie Shepp "Malcolm Malcolm- Semper Malcolm" [ Fire Music]
    • Chico Freeman " Kings Of Mali " [ Kings Of Mali ]
    • Bobby Callender "Purple" [Rainbow]
    • Leonard Nimoy "Desiderata" [Spaced Out - The Best of Leonard Nimoy & William Shatner ]
    • Hamiet Bluiett "The Might Denn" [Birthright: A Solo Blues Concertc]