Cowboy Howard's Chaos Hour

DJ Moogle

Saturday 2AM-4AM

Come join DJ Moogle as he receives transmissions from Cowboy Howard's adventures in the forbidden zone. What nonsense will come from the time warp next?!

  • September 14, 2019

    Episode 1: Blast off to The Forbidden Zone!

    • Yasunori Mitsuda "Singing Mountain" [CHRONO TRIGGER Original Soundtrack【DS Edition】]
    • Yasunori Mitsuda "Corridors of Time" [CHRONO TRIGGER Original Soundtrack【DS Edition】]
    • Babyland "Pink Frost" [A Total Let Down]
    • The Cramps "God Monster" [Big Beat from Badsville]
    • Low "Lullaby (Demo)" [A Lifetime of Temporary Relief: 10 Years of B-Sides & Rarities]
    • Lebanon Hanover "Gallowdance" [Tomb for Two]
    • Iron Maiden "Hallowed Be Thy Name - 2015 Remaster" [The Number of the Beast (2015 - Remaster)]
    • Cibo Matto "10th Floor Ghost Girl" [Hotel Valentine]
    • Christian Death "Cavity - First Communion" [Only Theatre of Pain]
    • The Midnight "Vampires" [Endless Summer]
    • FM-84 "Running in the Night" [Atlas]
    • Perturbator "Humans Are Such Easy Prey" [Dangerous Days]
    • Yasushi Ishii "Pure Death" [Hellsing Original Soundtrack- Raid]
    • Nick Cave "Tupelo" [The Best of Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds]
    • Yasunori Mitsuda "Life -A Distant Promise-" [Chrono Cross Original Soundtrack]
    • Quintron "Meet Me At the Club House" [These Hands of Mine]
    • The Billy Nayer Show "The Smallest Star" [Goodbye Straplight Sarantino I Will Miss You]
    • Man...or Astro Man? "Tomorrow Plus X" [Project Infinity]
    • Yasushi Ishii "World Without Logos" [Hellsing Original Soundtrack - Raid]
    • Crash Worship "Flow" [Asesinos]
    • Bad Religion "Anesthesia" [Against The Grain (2005 Remaster)]
    • Elliott Smith "King's Crossing" [From A Basement On The Hill]
    • Big Star "Thirteen" [#1 Record/Radio City]
    • Babyland "Dismissal" [A Total Let Down]
    • Yasunori Mitsuda "Lavos' Theme" [CHRONO TRIGGER Original Soundtrack【DS Edition】]