Spider in the Ear


Wednesday 22:00 - 24:00

C’mon, you can guess what it’s like.

Dark ambient, sort of creepy, sometimes? Sure, of course. Post-rock, drone, grindcore, metal… sometimes. Sometimes there’s a little old-time song and dance number, and it can go… oh, anywhere from there. Spooky Southern gothic. “Electronica.” J-Pop and klezmer and hot club jazz. Cut-ups and mash-ups. Freak folk, psych rock. Field recordings… Hauntology. Lichenthropy.

Sometimes it’s like getting a lap dance at the butoh performance. Bees in your heart, fleas up your spine.

Rarely painful, more like an intermittent but persistent, muted drumming you can’t quite place. Something “else,” lodged up in there, and you don’t know if it’s digging its way out or digging in.

Sometimes it skips, like a broken thing, like a heartbeat.

You know what it’s like, don’t you?