Wet Behind the Ears

DJ Nawashi

Thursday 2PM-4PM

Playful and thoughtful. Eldritch harmonies, (prim)itive eurythmy, & outsider heros.

  • March 12, 2020

    • Raymond Scott "Idea #36" [Three Willow Park (Electronic Music from Inner Space 1961–1971)]
    • Califone "Romans" [Echo Mine]
    • Jeff Parker "Here Comes Ezra" [The New Breed]
    • Nels Cline "Amenette" [ROOM]
    • La Monte Young "Compositions 1960: No. 13 - Arr. for Guitar" [La Monte Young: Compositions 1960 (Arr. for Guitar)]
    • Gastr Del Sol "The Sea Incertain" [Upgrade & Afterlife]
    • Marie et les garçons "Décision ou parti pris - Remastered" [1977/1979 (Remastered)]
    • The Passions "Absentee" [Michael & Miranda]
    • The dB's "Dynamite" [Stands For Decibels]
    • Chris Spedding "Video Life" [Guitar Graffiti (Expanded Edition)]
    • The 6ths "Aging Spinsters" [Wasps' Nests]
    • Pram "Mayfly" [Across The Meridian]
    • Bachelorette "And the Earth Knew Absence" [Isolation Loops]
    • Monade "Etoile" [Monstre Cosmic]
    • Brokeback "Name's Winston, Friends Call Me James" [Looks at the Bird]
    • Isotope 217 "Kryptonite Smokes the Red Line" [The Unstable Molecule]
    • Fuck "Stumble Inn" [Conduct]
    • His Name Is Alive "Home Is In Your Head" [Home Is In Your Head]
    • Domenique Dumont "La bataille de neige" [Comme ça]
    • sugar plant "a furrow" [DRY FRUIT]
    • Dustin Wong "World Builder Imagines a City" [Fluid World Building 101 With Shaman Bambu]
    • CAN "Moonshake" [Future Days (Remastered Version)]
    • Beak> "I Know" [Beak>]
    • Arto Lindsay "Simply Are" [Encyclopedia of Arto]
    • Shintaro Sakamoto "できれば愛を" [できれば愛を]
    • Lisa Germano "Candy" [Lullaby For Liquid Pig]
    • Grandaddy "A.M. 180" [Under the Western Freeway]
    • Alessandro Alessandroni "Dialogando" [Ritmo dell’industria N.2]
    • Nina Simone "Lilac Wine" [Wild Is The Wind]
    • Les Batteries "Vieux Divan" [Noisy Champs]
    • Ulrike Haage "Zuviele Teufel im Land" [GOTO]