walking each other home

Kate Allbee

Sunday 6AM-8AM

Tender hearted grooves ranging across house, disco, funk, pop, dance floor ballads, and refreshing covers of classics. A gentle place to remind you that you are not alone with tunes that make your heart open, shoulders sway, spirits lift.

  • October 17, 2021

    Substitute DJ: Uncle Scotty

    • class m planets "flat earth" [single]
    • the weird kids "strange" [single]
    • the reverberations "green mushrooms" [single]
    • dartgun and the vignettes "my girl friday" [single]
    • j graves "lo the mourning" [single]
    • shannon entropy "gold and glass" [single]
    • wrng haus "on the side" [single]
    • the quick and easy boys "gimme peace gimme justice" [single]
    • sweet n' juicy "simple things" [the adventures of sweet n juicy]
    • desert shame "high road" [single]
    • dagger points "hotel curtains" [single]
    • atomic rust "gtfo" [single]
    • the wild jumps "common sense is a super power" [single]
    • Lagoon "cold smoke" [single]
    • sun atoms "captain tunnel vision" [let there be light]
    • sun atoms "praying mantis" [let there be light]
    • breath "evocation" [single]
    • ash eater "bad trip" [single]
    • the mistons "high water style" [single]
    • monty vega and the sittin shivas "failed state" [single]
    • gabby holt "at this table" [the star and the devil]
    • gabby holt "one more time" [the star and the devil]
    • forty feet tall "quotessa" [single]
    • lo fives "horse latitudes" [single]
    • manx "pluto is a planet" [single]
    • the latter day skanks "cat call out" [single]
    • the decliners "brandi's lament" [brandi's lament]
    • feral spells "cynical mystic" [single]