Verns World


Tuesday 10AM-Noon

Music and sounds from near and far.

  • April 12, 2021

    Vern's World 1st Episode

    • White Boy Scream "Apolaki" [ BAKUNAWA]
    • 75 Dollar Bill "I Was Real" [I Was Real ]
    • Moor Mother + Yatta "27 (reprise) Ft Chamaine Bee" [Dial Up]
    • Summer of 17 "Love With Out Things" [s/t]
    • Pieces "Over Anymore (Excerpt)" [Over Anymore]
    • World Select "Rotate" [Eyebrows EP]
    • Lemna "From The Dark Water" [Storytelling #1 - Reminiscences Of Inner Scenery]
    • Jan Julius "Everyone We Know" [Easy Intamacy]
    • Fiera Ferrari "It's LIke You're The One" [Arm The Girls Compilation]
    • Sabiwa "X and G" [輪 迴]
    • Golden Donna "Honor" [Split with Elrond]
    • DJ Tess "Le Grina" [VA - Endorphins]
    • DJ MP3 "Get Dwon (Body Bang)" [L'Esprit de Nyege 2020 ]
    • Duke "Duke Bit Puyo" [Uingizaji Hewa]
    • FMVEE "iwasborn2makeuhappy" [Bonehead]
    • DJ A New Hope "Children Of The Night" [Night @ the MIDI Rave]
    • Teton "Weeping At Their Feet" [Signature]
    • The Social Stomach "Leech" [KY'TN]
    • Ross Fish "Variation #4" [8 SONGS ABOUT ABSOLUTELY NOTHING]
    • Carly Barton "Console Winter/Water" [OST]
    • Moira Scar / V.E.X. "Demon Dimension" [Between Worlds LP]