TBA Tuesday 4AM


Tuesday 4AM-6AM

  • December 07, 2020

    Asian Shoegaze Fundraiser Mix

    Substitute DJ: Burd

    • Chinese Football "Come Together(The Beatles Cover)" [Chinese Football and Friends]
    • きのこ帝国 (Kinoko Teikoku) "35℃" [猫とアレルギー (Nekoto Allergie)]
    • ゆにP (Yuni-P) "Parachute" [mikgazer vol.1]
    • Art Dave "Pacific State Make Me Trip" [Sailormoongazer]
    • La Nuit "My Skin" [Thai Shoegaze Compilation Vol.1]
    • RUBUR "Red Room Omen" [珀耳塞福涅的四季 Persephone's Seasons]
    • SPOOL "No, thank you" [Total Feedback 2018]
    • 棉花山脈 Cotton Range "银河巴士 Galaxie Bus" [银河巴士 Galaxie Bus]
    • cattle "Shooting Star" [Sweet Dream, Tender Light and Your Memory]
    • monocism "冬靄 - Moya" [風光 - Fukou]
    • Frizzy Hair "I Don't Show You Know" [Thai Shoegaze Compilation Vol.1]
  • December 01, 2020

    DJ Eagle Dog (evergreen playlist)

    Substitute DJ: DJ Eagle Dog

    • Lijadu Sisters "Sunshine" [Sunshine]
    • Isobel Campbell "Runnin' Down a Dream" [There is No Other... (Deluxe)]
    • Haley Heynderickx "Oom Sha La La" [I Need to Start a Garden]
    • Brushy One String "Lotto Song" [All You Need Is One, Vol.1]
    • Dr. Buzzard's Original Savannah Band "Sunshower" [Dr. Buzzard's Original Savannah Band]
    • Ween "Zoloft" [Quebec]
    • Alessi Brothers "Seabird" [The Best Of The Alessi Brothers]
    • Richie Havens "Morning Morning" [Mixed Bag]
    • Les Filles de Illighadad "Inigradan" [Les Filles de Illighadad]
    • The Breeders "Drivin' on 9" [Last Splash]
    • Barbara Dane "It Isn't Nice" [Hot Jazz, Cool Blues & Hard-Hitting Songs]
    • Jackie Shane "Any Other Way" [Any Other Way]
    • The Staple Singers "Respect Yourself" [Stax Profiles: The Staple Singers]
    • Adam Green "Dreidels Of Fire" [Hanukkah+]
    • Birdcloud "Did You Go Swimmin'?" [Singles Only]
  • October 31, 2020

    Burd's Halloween Mix

    Substitute DJ: Burd

    • Sewerslvt "Dysphoria" [IRLY]
    • 誰だっけ (Daredakke) "無意味 (Muimi)" [忘れ物]
    • SET "I Choose To Disappear (Suffer Ring Remix)" [Where Dreams Come To Pause...]
    • Subheroine "MkApeg5" [hope]
    • Djrum "Water Rising" [Portait With Firewood]
    • Burial "Hiders" [Tunes 2011 to 2019]
  • July 18, 2020

    Substitute DJ: Burd

    • Robbie Basho "Green River Suite" [Visions of the Country]
    • Arlo Guthrie "1913 Massacre" [Hobo's Lullaby (Remastered 2004)]
    • Edward "Sandy" Ives "The Miramichi Fire" [Folk Songs of Maine]
    • Robbie Basho "Cathedrals Et Fleur De Lis" [Art of the Acoustic Steel String Guitar 6 & 12]
    • James Blackshaw "Love Is The Plan, The Plan Is Death" [Love Is the Plan, The Plan Is Death]
    • Odetta "Ain't No Grave Can Hold My Body Down" [Odetta at Carnegie Hall]
  • May 08, 2020

    Burd's Dreams

    Substitute DJ: Burd

    • NMesh "心痛を受け入れます " [ロストエデンへのパス]
    • Machine Girl "MG1" [WLFGRL]
    • Sewerslvt "Yandere Complex" [Draining Love Story]
    • Meishi Smile "Belong" [.​.​.​Belong]
    • Thug Widow "Father Figure" [Dead Colony]
    • Djrum "Unblocked" [Portrait With Firewood]
    • Remember "Sleep" [The City is My Friend]
    • death's dynamic shroud.wmv "♧♣︎*~*฿⋃⨢⨣⋵Ȑ⨏ḶȈ⋵§*~*♣︎♧" [SEAWRLDハートブレーク]
    • death's dynamic shroud.wmv "あなたの腕の中で ☯Ȑ Ŵ♄@†≣⊽≣Ȑ" [SEAWRLDハートブレーク]
  • April 17, 2020

    David Plays Jazz in the Basement Again

    Substitute DJ: David

    • bobby Hutcherson "The Ice Cream Man" [Solo / Quartet]
    • George Duke "Some Time Ago" [ The Inner Source ]
    • Marion Brown "Sweet Earth Flying Part 1" [Sweet Earth Flying]
    • Mike Longo "Pass It" [ The Awakening ]
    • Dewey Redman "Look for the Black Star" [Unrelease Blue Note Session]
    • Sun Ra "Love in outer space" [The Lady with the Golden Stockings 10"]
    • Pharoah Sanders "Healing Song" [Live At The East ]
    • Karl Berger, Dave Holland, Ed Blackwell " Getting There" [ Crystal Fire ]
    • George Duke "Solus" [The Inner Source]
    • Art Ensemble of Chicago "Malachi" [Non Cognitive Aspects of the City-2004]
    • Elvin Jones "The Children, Save The Children" [ Live At The Lighthouse ]
    • Oliver Nelson "Skull Session" [ Skull Session ]
    • George Russell "Part 1" [ Electronic Sonata For Souls Loved By Nature ]
  • March 17, 2020

    Gary Subs March 17, 2020

    Substitute DJ: Gary

    • Robyn Hitchcock & The Egyptians "Birds In Perspex" [Perspex Island]
    • The Psychedelic Furs "Don't Believe" [Don't Believe]
    • The Pets "A Lighthearted Love Song" [Love & War]
    • The Dap-Kings "Thunderclap" [Daptone Gold II]
    • Boogie Down Productions "Drug Dealer" [Sex & Violence]
    • Add N To (X) "Metal Fingers In My Body" [Avant Hard]
    • Muddy Waters "When I Get To Thinking" [Sings Big Bill Broonzy]
    • John Prine "Mental Cruelty (feat. Kacey Musgraves)" [For Better, Or Worse]
    • Utah Phillips "Dump The Bosses Off Your Back" [We Have Fed You All A Thousand Years]
    • Julia Holter "Silhouette" [Have You In My Wilderness]
    • Blondie "In The Flesh" [Blondie]
    • Acid House Kings "Swedish Hearts" [Mondays Are Like Tuesdays & Tuesdays Are Like Wednesdays]
    • Bambara "Serafina" [Stray]
    • Shriekback "All About Nothing" [Some Kinds Of Light]
    • Lou Reed "Trade In" [Set The Twilight Reeling]
    • Louis Philippe "She Means Everything To Me" [A Kiss In The Funhouse]
    • Youth Lagoon "Highway Patrol Stun Gun" [Savage Hills Ballroom]
    • The Motors "Love & Loneliness" [Tenement Steps]
    • Adam & The Ants "Los Rancheros" [Kings Of The Wild Frontier]
    • Viktor Karlsson "Songs Of Love" [Rejected The Unmarketable Viktor Karlsson]
    • Tullycrafy "Vacation In Christine, ND" [City Of Subarus]
    • Neil Young "Out On The Weekend" [Harvest]
    • Pia Fraus "How Fast Can You Love" [In Solarium]
    • U.S. Girls "Sed Knife" [Half Free]
    • April Stevens "I Want A Lip" [Ultra Lounge Vol. 18: Bottoms Up!]
    • The Adult Net "Where Were You (When I Needed You)" [The Honey Tangle]
    • Down Time "Not A Complicated Person" [Hurts Being Alive]
    • Herbie Hancock "Hang Up Your Hang Ups" [Man-Child]
    • Mitch Hedberg "Sesame Seeds" [Mitch All Together]
  • November 26, 2019

    Substitute DJ: Robi

    • Carlton Melton "It's Been Summer All Winter" [Out to Sea]
    • Samhain "Archangel" [Initium]
    • Hexer "II:I" [Hexer]
    • Torches To Rome "Young Arsenal" [S/T]
    • Shane Carruth "A Sullen Rush and Roar" [Upstream Color (Original Motion Picture Score)]
    • Slint "Good Morning, Captain - Remastered" [Spiderland (remastered)]
    • Drive Like Jehu "Luau" [Yank Crime]
    • Ned Kelly "Starter" [That Swinging Drive]
    • Duchess Says "The Family Physicians" [Sciences Nouvelles]
    • Iggy Pop "German Days" [Post Pop Depression]
    • Neo Boys "Nothing To Fear" [Sooner or Later]
    • Pinback "Talby" [Blue Screen Life]
    • Sharon Van Etten "Jupiter 4" [Remind Me Tomorrow]
    • King Crimson "Starless" [Red (Expanded & Remastered Original Album Mix)]
    • Träd Gräs Och Stenar "När Lingonen Mognar (Lingonberries Forever)" [Träden]
    • Cloud Rat "Dropping from the Trees" [Do Not Let Me off the Cliff]
    • MONO "Dream Odyssey" [For My Parents]
    • Minami Deutsch "New Pastoral Life" [Tunnel/New Pastoral Life]
    • Moon Duo "Ripples" [Killing Time (Expanded Edition)]
  • October 29, 2019

    X-1 w/actorslashvampire

    Substitute DJ: actorslashvampire

    • Stu Phillips/Greg Larson "BattleStar Galactica (1978)" [Battlestar Galactica]
    • Seatbelts "Tanx!" [Cowboy Bebop]
    • Bear McCreary "Battlestar Galactica (2003)" [Battlestar Galactica (2003)]
    • Max Stiener "King Kong Main Titles (1933)" [King Kong Soundtrack]
    • Danny Elfman "Darkman (1990)" [Darkman]
    • John Williams "Asteriod Belt " [The Empire Strikes Back (1980)]
    • Fred Collins "X-1 Intro" [X-1 Radio Show (1955)]
    • Bernard Hermann "Prelude: Outerspace Radar" [The Day the Earth Stood Still]
    • Yuji Ohno "Lupin III" [Lupin III]
    • Geinoh Yamashirogumi "Keneda" [Akira Original Soundtrack]
    • Ulpio Minucci/Aron Ober "Robotech Macross Saga" [Robotech]
    • Murray Gold "Westminster Bridge" [Doctor Who (2005)]
    • Jerrold Immel "Voyagers! Theme" [Voyagers!]
    • Brad Fiedel "Terminator 2" [Terminator 2]
    • Darling Violetta "Angel Theme" [Angel TV Series]
    • Joseph De Luca "Evil Dead II" [Evil Dead II]
    • Mark Snow "X-Files Theme" [X-Files]
    • Angelo Badalamenti "Twin Peaks Theme" [Twin Peaks]
    • John Barry "Ipcress File" [Iocress File ]
    • John Williams "The Map Room" [Raiders Of The Lost Ark]
    • Henry Mancini "The Inspector" [A Shot in the Dark]
    • Georgio Moroder (Alexander Robonick Remix) "E=MC2" [E=MC2]
    • Groovie Ghoulies "Hello" [World Contact Day]
    • Prima Donnas "Break Your Fuckin' Head" [7"]
    • The Jesus and Mary Chain "Darklands" [Darklands]
    • Tones on Tail "Happiness" [Pop]
    • The Sound "Winning" [From the Lions Mouth]
    • My Life with the Thrill Kill Kult "A Daisy Chain 4 Satan" [Confessions of a Knife]
    • Electric Light Orchestra "Shine A Little Love" [Discovery]
    • Techniques Berlin "Love Via Computer" [Back Issue Vol. 1]
    • Lebanon Hanover "My Favorite Black Cat" [Let Them Be Alien]
    • Soft Kill "Whirl" [Choke]
    • Linea Aspera "Malarone" [Linea Aspera]
    • Duex "Game and Performance" [Decadence]
    • Human Tetris "Things I Don't Need" [Things I Don't Need]
  • May 28, 2019

    Substitute DJ: DJ Cat Snacks

    • May 21, 2019

      Things and stuff

      Substitute DJ: DJ Zoloft

      • Cass McCombs "You Saved My Life" [Catacombs]
      • Mike Patton "Ore D'Amore" [Mondo Cane]
      • Broadcast "Come On Let's Go" [The Noise Made By People]
      • Battles "Race : Out" [Mirrored]
      • Sugar "Changes" [Copper Blue (Deluxe Remaster)]
      • Wilco "At least that's what you said" [A ghost is born (Deluxe Version)]
      • The Replacements "Asking Me Lies" [Don't Tell A Soul]
      • Ween "I'm Holding You" [12 Golden Country Greats]
      • LAKE "You Are Alone" [You Are Alone b/w Higher Than Merry]
      • M. Ward "Watch the Show" [A Wasteland Companion]
      • The Most Serene Republic "Threehead" [Phages]
      • Paper Brain "Shackleton" [At All / Shackleton]
      • Sonic Youth "The Diamond Sea - Radio Edit" [The Diamond Sea]
      • Pavement "Shoot The Singer (1 Sick Verse)" [Slanted & Enchanted: Luxe & Reduxe]
      • Dean Ween Group "Mercedes Benz" [The Deaner Album]
      • Junior Private Detective "Aftermath" [Erase]
      • Malian Musicians "Sunset Coming On" [Mali Music]
      • Sparklehorse "Ghost In The Sky" [Dreamt For Light Years In The Belly Of A Mountain]
      • Kaki King "My Insect Life" [Legs to Make us Longer]
      • Dick Diver "Calendar Days" [Calendar Days]
      • The Dip "Chanterelle" [Won't Be Coming Back]
      • Guided By Voices "Gold Star For Robot Boy" [Bee Thousand]
      • Massive Attack "Live With Me" [Collected]
      • Magic Bullets "Sigh the Day Away" [Magic Bullets]
      • Blah Blah Blah "Goodbye L.A" [This Is for the Time]
      • Spiral Stairs "Angel Eyes" [Doris and the Daggers]
      • Apostle Of Hustle "Blackberry" [Eats Darkness]
    • May 05, 2019

      Substitute DJ: Graceless

      • September 26, 2017

        • "guest host dj zen_hound"
        • Wipers "Doom Town" [Over the Edge]
        • YOB "Burning the Altar" [The Great Cessation]
        • Fall Of Efrafa "Beyond the Veil" [Elil]
        • Wolves In The Throne Room "Born from the Serpent's Eye" [Thrice Woven]
        • Moura Lympany "Etude in A minor, Op. 25 No. 11 "Winter Wind"" [Moura Lympany Plays Chopin - The Reader's Digest 1966 Sessions]
        • Eyehategod "Depress" [In the Name of the Suffering (Reissue)]
        • Khanate "Capture" [Capture & Release]
        • Snakehole "Hollow Tomorrow" [Interludes of Insanity]
        • The Body "Starving Deserter" [No One Deserves Happiness]
        • Make "The Immortal" [The Golden Veil]
        • Disrotted "DELIQUIUM" [Disrotted / Moloch Split 7"]
        • Palo Verde "Swimming in the Royal Academy" [(We've Gotta) KEEP OUR HEADS - An Eolian Empire Compilation]
      • September 19, 2017

        • The Doors "The End" [Apocalypse Now - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack]
        • Bo Hansson "Music Inspired By Lord Of The Rings" [Music Inspired By Lord Of The Rings]
        • Mike Oldfield "Tubular Bells" [Tubular Bells]