TBA Thursday Noon


Thursday Noon-2PM

  • November 17, 2022

    Pop Sensibilities

    Substitute DJ: DJ Gilliflower

    • The Chills "Rolling Moon" [Kaleidoscope World]
    • Broadcast "Pendulum" [Haha Sound]
    • The Catenary Wires "Always On My Mind" [Birling Gap]
    • La Luz "The Pines" [La Luz]
    • Darren Hayman "The Knap" [Lido]
    • The Notwist "Sans Soleil" [Vertigo Days]
    • The Galileo 7 "Let Go" [There Is Only Now]
    • The Dentists "I'm Not the Devil" [Some People Are on the Pitch They Think It's All over It Is Now]
    • Jetstream Pony "I Close My Eyes" [Jetstream Pony]
    • The Ocean Blue "Consolation Prize" [Davy Jones' Locker]
    • The Reds, Pinks and Purples "Pour the Light In" [Summer at Land's End]
    • Vic Mars "Following The River" [Inner Roads and Outer Paths]
    • Treasures Of Mexico "Avalanche" [Everything Sparks Joy]
    • All Girl Summer Fun Band "Parallel Park" [2]
    • The Luxembourg Signal "Cut The Bridle" [The Long Now]
    • The Bats "The Black And The Blue" [Fear Of God]
    • Julian Cope "Holy Love" [Fried]
    • Cardinal "If You Believe In Christmas Trees" [Cardinal]
    • The Durutti Column "Sketch for Winter" [The Return of The Durutti Column]
    • The Orchids "Moon Lullaby" [Unholy Soul]
    • John Cameron "Billy's Paper Round" [Kes (Original Soundtrack Music)]
    • Belle and Sebastian "Mayfly" [If You're Feeling Sinister]
    • The Softies "Charms Around Your Wrist" [It's Love]
    • Barbara Manning "Mark E. Smith & Brix" [Lately I Keep Scissors]
    • Dolly Mixture "Never Let It Go" [Demonstration Tapes]
    • The Bangles "Getting out of Hand" [Getting out of Hand 7"]
    • Cate Brooks "Blemishes" [Chalk Sketches]
    • Olden Yolk "Cut to the Quick" [Olden Yolk]
    • Elliott Smith "Coming Up Roses" [Elliott Smith]
    • Lightning In A Twilight Hour "The Sky Beyond The Sky" [And All The Ships At Sea]
    • The Beths "A Passing Rain" [Expert In A Dying Field]
    • Tall Dwarfs "Bee to Honey" [3EPs]
    • Jonathan Sharp "Hyde Park, 1975" [Divided Time]
    • Alvvays "Pressed" [Blue Rev]
    • Black Tambourine "Throw Aggi Off the Bridge" [Black Tambourine]
    • Pale Saints "Language of Flowers" [The Comforts of Madness]
    • Fugu "F15 (Alactaga Sauteur)" [EP]
    • The Clientele "Minotaur" [Minotaur]
    • Douglas Wood "Boy of Space" [G-Spots (The Spacey Folk Electro-Horror Sounds Of The Studio G Library)]
    • Heavenly "Shallow" [Heavenly Vs. Satan]
    • The Go-Betweens "Lee Remick" [Lee Remick]