TBA Sunday Noon


Sunday Noon-2PM

  • July 02, 2023

    DJ Che Ros Sunday Afternoon

    Substitute DJ: DJ Che Ros

    • Sabrina Rich "Smooth Operator (Duckcomb DiscoMix)" [Smooth Operator]
    • Ponty Mython "Tropic of Capricorn" [Tropic of Capricorn EP]
    • Artcrime "Eye Contact - Original Mix" [Obsession EP]
    • Sabre "Condor Senses" [Fora de Turf]
    • Ethy√®ne "Every Drop" [Essence of Adolescence]
    • 3rd Storee "Get With Me (Tee's Dub Mix)" [Get With Me]
    • White Label "White Label" [ugongetit001]
    • Doc Daneeka "Better Dayz" [Walk Man Vol 3]
    • Shan "Rituals" [Rituals]
    • DJ Psychiatre "Just Bass Drum Nothing Else" [self]
    • Amir Alexander "How You Make Me Feel - Original" [The Lands Beyond EP (Part.2)]
    • De Fantastiske To "Lettbeint" [Saharaball]
    • Maurice Jnr "Deebo's Quest" [Deebo's Quest]
    • Module One "The End of the Void" [Introspection]
    • Logic1000 "DJ Logic Please Forgive Me" [Logic1000]
    • Moscoman "Things Forgot To Be This Way" [Donkey Jumps Ahead]
    • Alice Bass "Mother (Ena Cosovic Remix)" [Svedjebruk V?A]
    • Londonbeat "I've Been Thinking About You" [In The Blood]
    • Rhode & Brown "Wave 100 - Mr. Ho Remix" [Wave 100 EP Remixed]
    • Fede Lng "Song At Night - Baltra Remix" [Song At Night EP]
    • Unknown "Unkown" [UGONTGETIT003]
    • J. Albert "Don't Hide It - Original Mix" [All The Things]