TBA Monday 10AM


Monday 10AM-Noon

  • June 12, 2021

    DJ Laju Laju - Lala J Time - 6/14/21

    Substitute DJ: Laju Laju

    • Soko "Are you a Magician " [Feel Feelings]
    • Bombon "XICANISTA" [A date with Bombon]
    • Frankie Rose "A Reflection" [Seventeen Seconds]
    • Baby Shakes "Down" [Cause A Scene]
    • Sleater-Kinney "Worry With You" [Path of Wellness]
    • Hatchie "Without a Blush" [Keepsake]
    • Dum Dum Girls "Coming Down" [Only in Dreams]
    • Kumbia Queers "Seivi" [Seivi]
    • The Shangri-las "I can never go home anymore" [Golden Hits of the Shangri-las]
    • Las Kellies "White Paradise" [Suck This Tangerine]
    • Chai Hands "United Girls Rock ’N’ Roll Club" [UNITED GIRLS ROCK'N'ROLL CLUB]
    • Luscious Jackson "Citysong" [Natural Ingredients]
    • Midnite Snaxxx "Fight Back" [Contact Contamination]
    • No Joy "Kidder – From Heaven" [Can My Daughter See Me From Heaven]
    • Long Beard "Getting By" [Means To Me]
    • Hana Vu "Fighter" [Nicole Kidman / Anne Hathaway]
    • Colleen Green "TV" [I Want to Grow Up]
    • Bachelor "Back of My Hand" [Doomin' Sun]
    • Mr. Airplane Man "(Do you wanna) hang out" [Jacaranda Blue]
    • Black Belt Eagle Scout "Soft Stud" [Mother of My Children]
    • chastity belt "The process" [The Process / Lonely]
    • Bleached "Awkward Phase" [Don't You Think You've Had Enough?]
    • Fazerdaze "Last to Sleep" [Morningside]
    • Lala Lala "Dream Song" [Sleepyhead]
    • Las Robertas "Pesadilla" [Together Outrageously]
    • Secret Shine "Falling Again" [There Is Only Now]
    • Thee Headcoatees "Cara-Lin" [Punk Girls]
    • Torres "Don’t Go Putting Wishes in My Head" [Don't Go Puttin Wishes in My Head]
    • Sasami "Toxicity" [Toxicity]