The Soul Roll

DJ Zamboni

Monday 8AM-10AM

This is an amalgamation of deep soul. When I say deep I mean DEEP. I mean like 2k plays on youtube even if the record has been ripped at all. I love digging physically & expanding my 45 collection as well as digitally. I have a specific focus on lowrider/souldies/chicano soul, as well as specific regional affinities particularly Northern Soul in general as well as an obsession with Philly soul. Join me on this exploration as new to me gems are unearthed! For reference, I take a lot of influence from Numero and other reissue labels as a gold standard for digging.

  • April 25, 2022

    Substitute DJ: Uncle Scotty

    • mr. vale's math class "math sos" [single]
    • king black acid "move along" [single]
    • gabby holt "the devil in my head" [single]
    • Pope Abbey "stealing kids blues" [single]
    • the troglodytes "the man from birmingham" [single]
    • 87 and the toys "portland" [single]
    • head the hive "overstimulated" [single]
    • mobilities "leaving lake odessa" [single]
    • sarah wild "monster in the fire" [single]
    • the macks "do snakes have brains" [single]
    • buddy wynkoop "the look" [single]
    • teleporter "pretty face" [single]
    • tango alpha tango "enemy" [single]
    • oh no oh no "you ++ scientists" [single]
    • dagger points "room 16" [single]
    • grimiss "howl" [single]
    • day dreems "let's be lonely" [single]
    • liquidlight "exit sign" [single]
    • hawk foxman "melody road" [single]
    • forty feet tall "grin" [single]
    • tremor "wasteland's spring" [single]
    • daemones "afloat" [single]
    • atomic momma "momentum" [single]
    • The Unseen Ways "between raindrops" [single]