DJ Salmon

Tuesday 8AM-10AM

Providing a range from well known to local artists, hip hop to jazz, emo to R&B, oldies to everything current and yet to come.

  • October 05, 2021

    Eugene OR Local Special

    • Laundry "Always Something" [Movie Star]
    • Laundry "Junkyard Robot" [Affirmation]
    • Novacane "French Toast" [Novacane]
    • Novacane "Bummer" [Novacane]
    • Gentlebeing "Hit the Floor" [Magic on Earth]
    • Gentlebeing "Aspirations" [Magic on Earth]
    • The Macks "Mr. Phil" [Yup]
    • The Macks "Flowers" [Camp Poppa]
    • Bluphoria "Something More" [Landfills & Bottlecaps]
    • Bluphoria "Kaleidoscope" [Kaleidoscope]
    • Candy Picnic "Days Are Gone" [Garage Sounds]
    • Candy Picnic "Loch Ness" [Garage Sounds]
    • Los Gondos "Currents" [Idiots]
    • Los Gondos "Idiots" [Idiots]
    • Josef Windheim "Whale Man" [Whale Man]
    • Josef Windheim "I Am Not No One" [When The Earth...]
    • The Shifts "America, Pt. 2" [Yet Another Change of Plans]
    • The Shifts "Is It Snowing Today?" [Yet Another Change of Plans]
    • Southtowne Lanes "The Circle" [Give Up the Ghost]
    • Southtowne Lanes "When Sun Hits Water" [Give Up the Ghost]
    • puppybrother "babypink" [when i think of you it's only colors]
    • puppybrother "blue/grey" [when i think of you it's only colors]
    • The Graduating Class "Girl (Like the Summertime)" [Girl (Like the Summertime)]
    • Funny Voices "Fiona" [Swings]
    • Funny Voices "Used to Fight" [Swings]
    • Speno, Smyth, Tony Glausi "Hourglass " [Hand Me Downs]
    • Speno, Smyth "Shoulda Jabbed" [Hand Me Downs]
    • Smear "Zombie" [A Band Called Shmear]
    • spinitch "Sweet Potato Pie" [Com Postables Vol. 2: Soul Food]
    • spinitch "Reverie - Instrumental" [Spore Attic Instrumentals]
    • Talent Scouts "The Curve" [Happy Endings]
    • Talent Scouts "Its Done" [Happy Endings]