Side Vibe

Roche & Georgi

Thursday 2PM-4PM

Fun jams from deep crates. House, techno, post-punk, disco, funk, a wide range of sounds.

  • May 12, 2022

    Side Vibe Episode 3

    • Mr. Fingers "Nyte Light" [Vault Sessions 1]
    • Sasha "A Key To Heaven For A Heavenly Trance" [Welcome To Paradise Volume II]
    • Terrence Parker "Untitled" [Tribute]
    • M-O-F Feat William K. Hall "My Opposite Sex" [My Opposite Sex]
    • Romanthony "Let Me Show You Love (Crooklyn Mix)" [Let Me Show You Love ]
    • Cajmere "A Luv Song" [Underground Goodies Volume VI]
    • G Flame And Mr. G "Do It Right" [Who Knows !?]
    • Ron Trent "Seduction" [Dark Room]
    • Agent X "In The Morning" [In The Morning]
    • Chez Demiere And Ron Trent "Untitled " [Hip To Be Disillusioned Vol 3]
    • Smoke City "Mr Gorgeous (Mood II Swing Remix)" [Dance Train Classics Vinyl 10]
    • DJ Springboard "Make Some Noise (Noisey Mix)" [Classic Jams]
    • Pleasure Corporation Feat Roche And Kara Marie "My Time" [Run The Length Of Your Wildness II]
    • Motorized "Just Drive (Tropical Mix)" [Just Drive]
    • Lil Louis "French Kiss (Passion Radio Mix)" [French Kisses]
    • Mitchbal & Larry Williams "Jack The House (Frankie Knuckles Remix)" [Jack The House]
    • KMFH "Solar Funk" [Sun Goddess EP]
    • Martyn "Twice As" [Ghost People]
    • Africans With Mainframes "Shaped By The Earth Empowered By Nature" [The Faces Of Africa]
    • Pender Street Steppers "M Flight" [Openin' Up]
    • AFX "Backdoor.Spyboter.A" [Analord 08]
    • Actress "Always Human" [Splazsh]
    • C.L.A.W.S. "It's Tragiik" [That Magik]
    • Robert Cacciapaglia "My Time" [The Ann Steel Album]
  • April 28, 2022

    Side Vibe Episode 2

  • April 28, 2022

    Side Vibe Episode 2

    • Koto " Dragons Legend" [The Original Masterpiece]
    • kermesse "mrs moon" [mrs moon]
    • Magazine 60 "Don Quichotte" [Don Quichotte]
    • Nat Bush "taste of love again" [taste of love again]
    • San Giovanni Bassista "Hot Socks (Alexander Robotnic Edit)" [N/A]
    • Pussycat "Le Chat (short)" [Le Chat]
    • Wanexa "The Man From Colours" [The Man From Colours]
    • Charlie "Spacer Woman" [Spacer Woman]
    • Wind "Luxury" [N/A]
    • Clio "Eyes" [N/A]
    • Plus two "Melody" [N/A]
    • Gino Soccio "Remember" [Face To Face]
    • Hugh Masekela "Don't Go Lose It Baby" [Techno - Bush]
    • Huerco S "Cercy" [Aphelia's Theme]
    • DJ Sprinkles + Mark Fell "insights (sprinkles alt. mix)" [Fresh Insights EP 2 sprinkles alt. mixes]
    • Floating Points "K&G Beat" [J&W Beat]
    • Robert Williams "Let No Man Jack (Mayday's Rescued From Acetate Edit)" [A Portrait Of The Party At The Dawn Of House (1982-1987)]
    • Kerrier District "115 bpm" [2]
    • Trio Exklusiv "time to feel (idjut boys dub)" [International Standards ep1]
    • Underworld "Cups" [Beaucoup Fish]
    • Classic Man "Here's The Sample (Basement Jam Mixdown)" [5th Street Orchestration / Here's The Sample]
    • Insomnia "I'll Be There (After Hours Mix)" [I'll Be There]
  • April 14, 2022

    Side Vibe Episode 1

  • April 14, 2022

    Side Vibe Episode 1

    • Yasuka Agawa "L.A. Night" [N/A]
    • Imagination "Just An Illusion" [N/A]
    • Tony Truffa "Shakedown St." [N/A]
    • Hitomi Tijuana "Exotic Yakogao" [N/A]
    • Psychic Mirrors "The Witching Hour" [N/A]
    • Hotline "Fellas Doing It In Lagos" [N/A]
    • Chemise "She Can't Love You" [N/A]
    • Nancy Martin "Can't Believe" [N/A]
    • Joe Moks "Boys And Girls" [N/A]
    • Jago "I'm Goin To Go" [N/A]
    • Sexual Harrassment "We Want Prince" [N/A]
    • Steve Monite "Only You" [N/A]
    • Sunscreem "Pressure Us (Junior Dub)" [N/A]
    • Axel Boman "1979" [N/A]
    • Levon Vincent "Revs/Cost" [N/A]
    • Freaky Chakra "Halucifuge (Freaky Chicken Peck)" [N/A]
    • Anthony Shake Shakir "Simpatico" [N/A]
    • Mr. G "Jackin' G Part 3" [N/A]
    • Decliner "Know" [N/A]
    • Blakc Devil Disco Club "Follow Me (Instrumental)" [N/A]
    • Sylvester "I Need Somebody To Love Tonight" [N/A]
    • Shake "Arise" [N/A]