Shelved Dreams

DJ LaRose

Sunday Midnight-2AM

Confounding expectations for the underground dancefloor. Est 1994.

  • April 17, 2022

    Shelved Dreams 01

    • Hanchi "Scottish Fiancee" [The Fabulous Pain]
    • Dark Star "Trip" [States of Mind]
    • CS + Kreme "Eyes on Ceiling" [Cold Shoulder]
    • Andy Stott "Posers" [We Stay Together]
    • Benedikt Frey "New Now" [New Now]
    • Psi Performer "1973" [Part Two]
    • Shadowax "Nikolai Reptile" [Nikolai Reptile]
    • Shoc Corridor "Artificial Horizon" [Experiments]
    • R Wong "Lions" [Life Principles]
    • Tin Man "Drifters Acid" [Keys of Life Acid]
    • Son of Sam "Nature Makes A Mistake (Jack Plug’s Supernatural Dub)" [The Collapse Of Ancient Funk (1984-85 A.D.) (Born Again Disco Remixes)]
    • Blake Baxter "When A Thought Becomes You" [When A Thought Becomes You]
    • Trans-4M "Dencity (Urban Tribe Mix)" [Dencity]
    • EON "Infinity" [Void Dweller]
    • Jazer "Layer of Moleman (Unit Moebius Anonymous Remix)" [Layer of Moleman]
    • Paranoid London "Sly Is Watching (Album Edit)" [PL]
    • Jamal Moss "Gherkin U 4" [4 This Is Living That Gherkin Life]
    • Anne Clark "Our Darkness" [Our Darkness]
    • Autocreation "Dark Smile" [Mettle]
    • Technasia "The Awakening" [Motion]
    • Yaleesa Hall "Third Leyland" [Leyland]
  • April 16, 2022