Return of the Boss


Tuesday 6AM-8AM

One returns, again and again to building a more inclusive radio community that demands for diverse perspectives and to stand up for justice and equality by celebrating voices from throughout the world

  • October 05, 2021

    Substitute DJ: Uncle Scotty

    • cambrian explosion "the sun" [single]
    • john craig "the sun's coming up" [single]
    • lyres of ur "yes I bloody can" [single]
    • die robot "beautiful skin" [single]
    • camp crush "fangirl" [single]
    • gabby holt "the devil in my head" [single]
    • king black acid "never alone" [single]
    • queen chief "in my eyes" [single]
    • deaf telepathy "cloud supreme" [single]
    • forty feet tall "rain machine" [single]
    • lo fives "season of the itch" [single]
    • the mistons "high water style" [single]
    • the crystal furs "please fade away" [single]
    • phillip stone "dark canyons" [single]
    • tango alpha tango "you'll be something" [single]
    • white bike "while you were away" [single]
    • john st. just "retrocede" [single]
    • mama sam and the jam "misty mountain snow globe" [single]
    • desert shame "high road" [single]
    • saint jack's parade "not so" [single]
    • 87 and the toys "portland" [single]
    • keeper "write me off" [single]
    • the macks "king hell freaks" [single]
    • spoon benders "nation" [single]