Remember The Future_


Monday 6PM-8PM


From the warehouse yards, the hard,dark,industrial sounds - to the mainroom dance floor, the Spirit of The Underground Sound permeates through the void bringing you sonic waves of empowerment! 

Join M5007 bi-weekly on Mondays @ 6:00pm PST on Freeform Portland, as he transmits and shares techno from all over the world. 

DJ sets, short interviews, original tracks and more!

Remember The Future_

  • October 25, 2021


    • Eonan "When We Succeed" [When We Succeed]
    • Marla Singer "Rate" [Generate EP]
    • RV-Tech "Mercury" [Event Horizon EP]
    • Lady Starlight "You" [Which One Of Us Is Me?]
    • Rebekah "Code Black" [Code Black EP]
    • Knobs "Reality" [Reality EP]
    • Comet "It's All An Illusion" [Symphony of Darkness]
    • Albert Kraner "We Live In The Underground" [Underground Dynamics]
    • Flash - X "I love Techno (Leon Boose Remix)" [I Love Techno EP]
    • Phara "Great Attractor (Setaoc Mass Remix)" [Great Attractor]
    • Gabriel WNZ "Mechanical Techno ( Fucking Hard Mix)" [na/]
    • Tanzanfall "I Bleed The Same Color As Lavender" [Darkart EP]
    • Klangkunster "Himmelreich" [Himmelreich]
    • WarrinD "Psead" [n/a]
    • Ma'cka "Gravitational Waves" [Gravitational Waves EP]
    • Doruksen "Unclocked" [VA_Techno Wereld]
  • October 07, 2021


    • T.A13 "Welcome" [No Return EP]
    • Tom Alex (T.A13, Silvano Scrapetta, Spule Remix) "Chorus 9" [N/A]
    • Kryptonit & IntoXx "Vortex" [N/A]
    • Eonan "Resilliance Against The Fire" [Virus Rising]
    • Plastikman "Disconnect" [Balance Presents Patrice Baumel]
    • Positive Merge (Perthil & Aerts Remix) "Test " [Positive Merge]
    • Violent "Room For All of Us" [UML-VA#02]
    • ALX "Drifting Servants" [--]
    • Verona Kramer & TYGON "Cubozoa" [--]
    • TKNO (Rane Vega Remix) "Acid Track" [SVR277]
    • Slam "Reduction" [--]
    • Paralytic "MartinLutherKing - I Have a Dream (Noise Vocal Edition)" [--]
    • EĆ²nan "Mental Disaggregation" [Mental Disaggregation]
    • St. Vincent "The Strangers" [Actor]
    • Darkotic & 6Del "Misantropia" [DFVA002]
    • TRBL "Disfigurement" [HV003]
    • Anxiety "Emissary of Darkness" [--]
    • Phara "Mission 3, 2, 1" [Great Attractor]
    • Sopik "Give Me One Now" [5 Years of Finder Records Part Two]
    • Kereni (Peja Remix) "Delphi" [Archetypes]
    • Sept "Beyond the Veil" [EXHALEVA002]
    • Steve Shaden "Feel My Soul" [--]
    • Marsi "Evolution" [Progress...]
    • Disko "Spirit" [--]
    • Pulse Plant, Yeah (Rane Vega Remix) "Slave of Fear" [Slave of Fear EP]
    • 93sovage "Living and Dealing with Hate" [Living and Dealing with Hate EP]
    • Pappenheimer (Tobias Luke Remix) "The Tune With the Baseline" [The Tune with the Baseline ]
    • Marla Singer & Casual Treatment "Hidden Works" [--]
    • Rebekah "Code Black" [Code Black EP]