rare forms

DJ Gentle Mist

Sunday 6PM-8PM

sometimes dark, dreamy, cold and creamy, sometimes glowy, gooey, effervescent and electric ... rare forms will fill you and take your shape

  • March 01, 2020

    • Los Microwaves "TV In My Eye" [Life After Breakfast]
    • Violet Eves "Listen Over The Ocean" [Uneven Paths: Deviant Pop From Europe (1980-1991)]
    • The Serfs "Imitation" [Sounds of Serfdom]
    • Gloria Ann Taylor "World That's Not Real" [Deep Inside You]
    • Family Fodder "Savoir Faire - Single version" [Savoir Faire: the best of]
    • Lene Lovich "Angels" [Flex]
    • Olivia Neutron-John "March" [March]
    • Geoffrey Landers "Say You'll Say So" [1 By 1]
    • Jennifer Lara "I Am in Love" [Studio One Presents Jennifer Lara]
    • Crash Course In Science "Cardboard Lamb" [Signals From Pier Thirteen]
    • Suburban Lawns "Unable" [Suburban Lawns]
    • Girls At Our Best! "Politics!" [Pleasure]
    • Soulwax "Heaven Scent" [Heaven Scent]
    • POW! "Peter" [Shift]
    • The Juan Maclean "By the Time I Get to Venus" [DFA Records Compilation #1]
    • Dream 2 Science "My Love Turns to Liquid" [Dream 2 Science]
    • Them Are Us Too "Eudaemonia" [Remain]
    • Filmmaker "The Love Market" [The Love Market]
    • Colin Newman "Alone (Remastered)" [A-Z (remastered)]
    • Krisma "Black Silk Stocking" [Chinese Restaurant]
    • Qual "Take Me Higher" [The Ultimate Climax]
    • Pink Industry "Don't Let Go - 12” Version" [New Naked Technology 2010 Remasters]
    • Specimen "Kiss Kiss Bang Bang - 12" version" [Azoic]
    • De Ambassade "Wat Voel Je Nou" [Duistre Kamers]