Quilt Story

Carly Barton

Thursday 2AM-4AM

Using a variety of sonic sources as fabric and thread, Quilt Story weaves a collage of sound to create new stories, animate ideas, and build new worlds.

  • April 15, 2021

    Quilt Story 002

    • Ibu Selva "Psidium Guajava" [Esquizogonia]
    • We™ "Burn Up In Half" [Decentertainment]
    • Thomas Brinkmann "Untitled" [Studio 1 - Variationen (CD Version)]
    • David Moufang "Sergio Leone’s Wet Dream" [Solitaire]
    • Borden, Ferraro, Godin, Halo, & Lopatin "People of the Wind Pt. 2" [FRKWYS 7]
    • Process "Calene" [Shape-Space]
    • Yoshinori Sunahara "Lovebeat" [Lovebeat]
    • NSDOS "Dona J Haraway" [Female Guest List E.P.]
    • Dean DeCosta "Trial Dub" [Theorie E.P.]
    • Datacide "Data Haiku" [Datacide II]
    • Chessie "Follow Me Home" [Meet]
    • Jet Chamber "Streamline" [Jet Chamber]
    • Seabat "Resonant Orbit" [Scattered Disc]
    • Ametsub "Over 6633" [All Is Silence]
    • Frank Bretschneider "Urania" [Komet]
    • Biosphere "Baud" [Stator]
    • Monoceros "Semiramis" [Imaginary EP]
    • Vainqueur "Elevation II (Original)" [Elevations]
    • Manta "Etra" [Etra]
    • David Edren "Plant Charmer" [Music for Mimosa Pudica & Codariocalyx]
    • DJ Nobu "Toyo Vinyl" [Toyo Vinyl]
    • Heiko Laux "Shimmer" [Fernweh]
    • Moritz Von Oswald Trio "5 (Spectre)" [Sounding Lines]
    • Fenton "Many Blades of Grass Ago" [Pup]
    • Carl Stone "Shing Kee (1986)" [Electronic Music from the Seventies and Eighties]
  • April 08, 2021

    Quilt Story 001

    • Strategy "Free Jazz" [Everywhere and Nowhere]
    • Ibu Selva "Invocações" [Ngo-bo Sontg-pa]
    • F.S. Blumm & Ian Urbina "Bob Barker" [The Hunt (Inspired by 'The Outlaw Ocean')]
    • Komodo Kolektif "The Reptile" [Bamboo Shows Tapes 002]
    • Ulrich Troyer "Stone Age Circuits" [Songs for William 2]
    • wAgAwAgA "Breadheist" [OuterYerO'er]
    • Eli Keszler "Measurement Doesn't Change The System At All" [Stadium]
    • Steve Hauschildt "Strands" [Strands]
    • Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith "To Feel Your Best" [The Kid]
    • Haruomi Hosono "Exotic Dance (Remixed)" [Charles Wilp ‎– Michelangelo In Space - The Bunny Remixes]
    • Rei Harakami "Owari No Kisetsu" [Lust]
    • Sam Gendel & Sam Wilkes "Greetings to Idris" [Music for Saxofone & Bass Guitar]
    • Khotin "Dwellberry" [Beautiful You]
    • ARC "Psycho-doctor (Nana 707 Soundtracks ARC edit)" [ARC demos]
    • To Rococo Rot "Die Dinge Des Lebens" [The Amateur View]
    • Kurotoh.Mur.Mur "Sorry (Chill Out)" [False Messiah]
    • Leif "Mimosa" [Loom Dream]
    • Molero "Phasma Gigas" [Ficciones Del Trópico]
    • Sun Electric "Uschba" [Present]
    • Ryoichi Kurokawa "OOL" [Copynature]
    • Rod Hamilton "Lady Fern" [Toad Lily]
    • Slowfoam "Amalthea" [Secondnature & Friends Vol. II]
    • Waki "Baikamo" [Music For Lazy People]
    • Dictaphone "Peaks" [LateNightTales: Nils Frahm]
    • Ekoplekz "Probic Vent" [Devesham Dub]
    • Moondog "Arctic Ocean (Bird's Lament)" [Oceans]