Project Northwest

DJ Arcadia

Tuesday 4PM-6PM

Project Northwest is a show that is 100% dedicated to uplifting the voices in our local hip hop community here in PDX. From surface level to a deep dive, we are you’re on stop spot for all things Portland Hip Hop.

  • October 19, 2021

    Project Northwest EP 2

    • Timmi Hendrixxx "I Wanted The Perks In Life" [I Wanted The Perks In Life]
    • Dmarx "Tapatio (Extra Bigguap)" [Tapatio (Extra Bigguap)]
    • DC Capital "Progression" [Progression]
    • Roulette Delgato "B.O.Y (Body on You)" [Superhuman 2: The Evolution]
    • Chain Taylor "Slow Down" [Slow Down]
    • Sandpeople "Hate Aside" [Long Story Short - EP]
    • Cool Nutz "Yaper" [Terrance]
    • Savelle Tha Native "Yeekie's Up" [Man Down]
    • Swiggle Mandela "Portland Parks" [Portlandsterdam II]
    • Big Gramm "Timeout" [Timeout]
    • Mighty "Bags Over Clout" [Bags Over Clout]
    • Talilo "Closure" [Closure]
    • Swiggle Mandela "Needed" [Needed]
    • Wynne "Petty" [If I May..]
    • Roulette Delgato "Bumper" [Superhuman 2: The Evolution]
    • Alana Rich "Taurus" [Taurus]
    • Rainezra "Kronic Kisses" [Possibilities]
    • CEG "Yellow Line" [Yellow Line]
    • Veana Baby "Soul Ties" [Soul Ties]
  • October 05, 2021

    Project Northwest Episode 1

    • Roulette Delgato "Bussin Back" [Bussin Back]
    • Big D, King Vvibe "I'm The Man" [No Expectations ]
    • Savelle Tha Native "Pipe Down" [Pipe Down]
    • Chain Taylor "Young Chain" [Young Chain]
    • Indo Slim "Tony Robbins" [Tony Robbins]
    • RaRa Light "Understand Me" [Understand Me]
    • Chain Taylor "Karma" [Karma]
    • Justin's League of America "SIT DOWN" [86TH]
    • Daddy backwood "Grind It Out" [Grind It Out]
    • The Prizefighter "Champion, Pt. 2" [Champion, Pt. 2]
    • Quincy Davis "Make It Through" [Rebel Wise]
    • Swiggle Mandela "Dear White Portland" [Portlandsterdam II]
    • MadgesdiqCEG "... Champion" [Come Alive]
    • Julian Outlaw "Rise Up" [Rise Up]
    • Mac Money "Situation" [Situation - Single]
    • Justin's League of America "EASE" [86TH]
    • KXNG SXLXMXN "Through The Rain" [Through The Rain]
    • Quincy Davis "Illuminations" [Rebel Wise]
    • Iamjordan "Rip City" [Rip City]
    • Justin's League of America "Freedom" [Freedom]
    • Chain Taylor "Candy" [Candy]
    • Hvshi "After Everything" [After Everything]
    • Indo Slim "Fact" [Fact]