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Sunday Noon-2PM

With almost 20 years of DJing under his belt, and a collection rivaling many - Sonkin brings several years of exploring UK left field bass sounds with a respect an appreciation for African psych, jazz, doom metal, noise and other deeper genres.

  • April 10, 2022

    • April 10, 2022

      Popular Science 4/10/22

      • Mux Mool "The IRS" [Implied Lines]
      • Bola Johnson "Lagos Sisi" [ Man No Die]
      • Tears for Fears "The Working Hour" [Songs from the Big Chair]
      • Unto Others "Downtown" [Strength]
      • Fiddlehead "Life Notice" [Between the Richness]
      • Shy Fx and Apache MC "Original Nuttah" [Original Nuttah]
      • Sinstar "Corruption" [Bandcamp]
      • Root for the Villain "Destroy Babylon" [Meazels EP (Re-release)]
      • Samurai Breaks "Higher" [Acid Puma Racing Stripes]
      • Moma Ready "Irregular Codec Strain" [Bandcamp]
      • Loxy and Skeptical "Bongo Mania" [Dispatch Dubplate 017]
      • Drink "Boom Bappin" [Unreleased]
      • St. Costa "Strobelights" [Cold Jungle]
      • Yazzus "Feel the XTC" [It's Ya Girls Bootlegs]
      • Binksy "Golden" [ UK Jungle Records Presents: UK Jungle Volume 4]
      • Mom$ "Genocyber Modem" [Soundcloud]
      • Headie One "Ain't It Different" [Edna]
      • Dave Schultz "The Penalty Box" [Penalty Box / Your Way's Right For You]
      • Uniform & The Body ft SRSQ "Patron Saint of Regret" [Everything that Dies Someday Comes Back]
      • Pyramido "Att Bida Sin Tid" [Vatten]
      • Alaskan "Bludgeon" [The Weak and the Wounded]
      • The Minutemen "This Ain't No Picnic" [Double Nickels on the Dime]
      • Gouge Away "Ghost" [Burnt Sugar]
      • The Mermen "Pull of the Moon" [Food for Other Fish]
      • SUCIA "I Need It, I want It" [ New York Dance Music IV]
      • TAH "Let Me Borrow that Top" [Tar Graduates 2016]
      • Lamont "Hold Dat" [ Hold Dat EP]
      • D Strange "Antiscan" [Off World]
      • Gila "Energy Demonstration" [Energy Demonstration]
      • Walton "Homage #2" [Unreleased Bootlegs]
      • KP and Envyi "Shorty Swing My Way" [Can't Hardly Wait]
      • Jordan Knight "Give It To You" [Jordan Knight]
      • Ciel "Trojan Horse" [Trojan Horse]
      • Korostyle "Selector (maru remix)" [Selector ]