Nocturnal Transmissions

DJ Cheeba Hut

Wednesday Midnight-2AM

A musical mixture of local and not-local, recent and not-recent, spanning the genres of indie, punk, industrial, and all the pre- and post- subgenres in between.

  • March 10, 2020


    • Viagra Boys "Down in the Basement" [Street Worms]
    • Kills Birds "Volcano" [Kills Birds]
    • Rollins Band "Low Self Opinion" [End Of Silence]
    • Scratch Acid "Cannibal" [The Greatest Gift]
    • The Builders and The Butchers "Spanish Death Song (Live)" [Live from Doug Fir]
    • Violent Femmes "Country Death Song" [Hallowed Ground]
    • The Alarm Clocks "Yeah" [Yeah!: Savage 1966 Ohio Garage Raunch]
    • Jonathan Richman & The Modern Lovers "Egyptian Reggae - Live" [Modern Lovers (Live)]
    • Galaxie 500 "Don't Let Our Youth Go to Waste" [Peel Sessions]
    • Blackwater Holylight "Motorcycle" [Veils of Winter]
    • Sleep "Giza Butler" [The Sciences]
    • Drive-By Truckers "Grievance Merchants" [The Unraveling]
    • The Magnetic Fields "The Day the Politicians Died" [The Day the Politicians Died]
    • Mo-Dettes "White Mice" [Perfect Unpop: Peel Show Hits And Long Lost Lo-Fi Favourites - Vol 1. 1976-80]
    • Archers Of Loaf "Raleigh Days" [Raleigh Days]
    • The Chats "The Clap" [The Clap]
    • The Chats "Identity Theft" [Identity Theft]
    • Amyl and The Sniffers "GFY" [Amyl and The Sniffers]
    • Help "The Devil is a Snake" [Help]
    • Sheer Mag "What You Want" [Compilation (I,II,&III)]
    • Lala Lala "Dream Song" [Sleepyhead]
    • Termination Dust "Deep Deep Deep" [Growing Down]
    • Kim Wilde "Kids In America" [Kim Wilde]
    • Car Seat Headrest "Can't Cool Me Down" [Can't Cool Me Down]
    • Stephen Malkmus "Xian Man" [Shadowbanned]
    • Pavement "The Classical - (BBC John Peel session August 21, 1997)" [Brighten the Corners: Nicene Creedence Ed.]
    • The Figgs "Favorite Shirt" [The Figgs Anthology: 1000 People Grinning]