Lala J Time

DJ Laju Laju

Monday 10AM-Noon

Come along for the adventure into a state of heightened overall activation with enhanced affective expression towards the world of great sounds.

  • June 28, 2021

    Live. Work. Pose

    • Nayobe "Please Don't Go" [Freestyle Greatest Beats: The Complete Collection, Volume 1]
    • Judy Torres "Come Into My Arms" [Love Story]
    • TKA "Louder Than Love" [Louder Than Love]
    • Robin S. "Show Me Love" [Show Me Love]
    • CeCe Peniston "Finally" [Finally]
    • FREEZE "I.O.U (Megamix)" [Gonna Get You]
    • Lisette Melendez "Together Forever" [Together Forever]
    • C-Bank "One More Shot" [One More Shot]
    • Nancy Martinez "Move Out" [Not Just The Girl Next Door]
    • Connie "Funky Little Beat" [Thump Pick Six Connie]
    • Safire "Made Up My Mind" [I Wasn't Born Yesterday]
    • George Lamond "Look Into My Eyes" [Bad of the Heart]
    • Nocera "Summertime, Summertime" [Over the Rainbow]
    • Taylor Dayne "Tell It to My Heart" [ Tell It to My Heart ]
    • Lisa Lisa and the Cult Jam "Head to Toe" [Spanish Fly]
    • Jody Watley "Looking for a New Love" [Jody Watley]