Labyrinths Of Night


Thursday 8PM-10PM

Labyrinths Of Night is an exploration of the further regions of experience, seeking the intersections between the atonal and melodic, harsh and soft, loving and angry, light and dark, and all points in between. Soundtracks for discordant souls who know the night time is the right time.

  • January 11, 2024

    Substitute DJ: Erich Zann

    • Surface Of Eceyon "The Open Sea" [The King Beneath The Mountain]
    • Salamander "Return To Rural Highway" [Red Mantra]
    • Arzachel "Azathoth" [Arzachel]
    • 15 Degrees Below Zero "Downs, Part Two" [Under a Morphine Sky]
    • Bardoseneticcube "Untitled" [Myzantrofy]
    • Rapoon "From Sleep Awake" [Darker By Light]
    • Endvra "When God Was a Snake" [Black Eden]
    • Cold Electric Fire "The Moon Makes These Mad White Horses Shine" [In Nights Dream We Are Ghosts]
    • Voice of Eye "Transcendence" [Transmigration]
    • Deutsch Nepal "How Low..." [Erosion]
    • Ultra Milkmaids "Byojorcklos" [Bunker Archeology]
    • Bad Sector "Vlbi" [Plasma]
    • Lull "Dreamt About Dreaming" [Dreamt About Dreaming]
    • Illusion of Safety "Katalavox" [Inside Agitator]
    • Einstürzende Neubauten "Perpetuum Mobile" [Perpetuum Mobile]
  • December 28, 2023

    Substitute DJ: Erich Zann

    • Godiego "西瓜売りのバナナ (Oriental Melon Man)" [ハウス (オリジナル・サウンドトラック) (House film soundtrack)]
    • A Blaze Colour "Dark Trees Beyond" [Against the Dark Trees Beyond]
    • Martial Canterel "The Outside" [Sister Age]
    • Lassigue Bendthaus "Circulat [Hertz]" [Matter]
    • Void Vision "One" [Sub Rosa]
    • Le Syndicat Electronique "La Dune Morte" [Rebuts - Forgotten Tracks 1999-2019]
    • Enhänta Bödlar "Grymma Pilgrimmer" [Akustisk Böldpest]
    • thorofon "Perfection" [Angor]
    • Frett "Human" [Nottwo]
    • JT Whitfield "Stay Asleep" [Untitled]
    • Like Weeds "Under Achiever" [Renegade Settlements]
    • OPPONENTS "Run" [Telepathic Times]
    • God Is War "IRA Training Camps" [World Music Vol 1]
    • V:XII "Entity Saturation" [Lu-Cipher-Sabbatean]
    • Mutwawa "Broke Down" [Radioactive Radio]
    • Pod Blotz "Crests and Reflections" [Glass Tears]
    • Pact Infernal "Principles" [Infernality]
    • Drape Excrement "I Give My Soul" [Born Dead]
    • Somnolent "II" [The Infernal Expanse]
    • Basic House "Procul Este Profani" [I Could Tell You But Then You Would Have To Be Destroyed By Me]
    • Demdike Stare "Caged in Stammheim" [Liberation Through Hearing]