La Rambla - The Winding Road

DJ Moody

Wednesday 8PM-10PM

An exploration into the human soul through the eyes of a lover, a winner and a loser. Good times and bad, the highs and lows of love and passion. We are human, hear our story. No genre, no boundaries, ever evolving just like us.

  • April 14, 2021

    Bupropion Blues Jam

    • Cat Power "Dark end of the street" [Dark end of the street]
    • Aidan Knight "What Light (Never goes dim)" [Each Other]
    • Pinegrove "Old Friends" [Cardinal]
    • Gromz "Mixed up and confused" [Two and half days]
    • Bahamas "Your sweet touch" [Barchords]
    • Alabama Shakes "Future People" [Sound & Color]
    • Santigold "Disprarate Youth" [Master of my make-believe]
    • Liz Cooper & the stampede "Kaleidoscope Eyes-Live" [Liz Cooper & the stampede]
    • Cat Power "Silver Stallion" [Jukebox]
    • Angel Olson "Those were the days" [My Woman]
    • Hozier "To Be Alone" [Hozier]
    • Foals "Birch Tree" [What Went Down]
    • Kalu & The Electric Joint "Too Low To Get High" [Time Undone]
    • Barns Courtney "Golden Dandelions" [The Attractions Of Youth]
    • The Arcs "Put A Flower in Your Pocket" [Yours, Dreamily,]
    • LCD Soundsystem "All My Friends" [Sound of Silver]
    • Barns Courtney ""99"" ["99"]
    • Hippie Sabotage "Holy Mind" [Holy Mind]
    • White Cliffs "Brace Yourself" [Brace Yourself]
    • Cage The Elephant "Trouble" [Tell Me I'm Pretty]
    • The Palms "Push Off" [Push Off]
    • Racoma "Country" [Racoma]
    • Band Of Skulls "Cold Fame" [Baby Darling Doll Face Honey]
    • MorMor "Heaven's Only Wishful" [Heaven's Only Wishful]
    • My Morning Jacket "Tyrone" [Chapter 2: Learning: Early Recordings, B-Sides, Covers, Y Mas]
    • Mason Jennings "Be Here Now" [Boneclouds]
  • April 13, 2021