Silkworm & Emery Charles

Sunday 2PM-4PM

Killjoy is a dangerous marriage of energized, aggressive dance music, warm bass and hypnotic electronic noises for your precious ears. From familiar 80s classics to dark post punk to unforgiving, toe-curling techno, there's something for everyone.

  • September 29, 2023

    K!llJxy Radio Ep. 1

    • The Other People Place "Let Me Be Me" [Lifestyles Of The Laptop Café]
    • 808 State "In Yer Face - Bicep Remix" [In Yer Face Bicep Remixes]
    • DJ Gigola "Sueño" [Sueño]
    • Moderna "Francesca (Wild At Heart)" [Next Wave Acid Punx]
    • Agar Agar "Cuidado, Peligro, Eclipse" [Cardan]
    • Sextile "Disco" [3]
    • Nitzer Ebb "Join In The Chant" [That Total Age]
    • Harvey Sutherland "Feeling Of Love - Esa & His Afro Synth Band Version" [Feeling Of Love (Remixes)]
    • Pardon Moi "Power to the People - Damon Jee Remix" [Power to the People Remixes]
    • Vitalic "Poison Lips" [Flashmob]
    • Chinaski "Dracula mon amour" [Dracula mon amour]
    • Coeo "Joe Armstrong Theme" [Habibi]
    • Macross 82-99 "Want Me ( w- Soul Bells)" [ネオ東京]
    • Curses "Discipline" [Next Wave Acid Punx]
    • Chinaski "Energy 2" [Energy]
    • MRD "Matter Of Time" [Matter Of Time]
    • Lauer "Make It Stay (Gerd Janson Remix)" [Make It Stay (Gerd Janson Remix)]
    • Soulwax "Another Excuse - DFA Remix" [Nite Versions]
    • Charlie "Spacer Woman - Original Version" [Spacer]
    • Fatima Yamaha "Love Invaders" [Imaginary Lines]
    • DJ Seinfeld "Sakura" [Sakura EP]
    • Glass Domain "Interlock" [Glass Domain]
    • Fatima Yamaha "To Do Two" [A Girl Between Two Worlds]
    • Palms Trax "Equation" [Equation]