Just RAMmin'

DJ Gr8 Bit

Saturday 8PM-10PM

Follow DJ Gr8 Bit as she experiments with a different musical genre each week and provides supermegacool insights connected to the musical movement. Just RAMmin' is for all the musically-curious nerds out there.

  • April 15, 2021

    Just RAMmin' - Arcade Theme

    • Super Smash Bros Melee "Smash Brothers Melee - Opening" [Melee]
    • Aphex Twin "Fingerbib " [Richard D. James Album ]
    • New Order "Bizarre Love Triangle " [Brotherhood]
    • Daft Punk "Veridis Quo" [Discovery]
    • Yellow Magic Orchestra "Tong Poo" [Yellow Magic Orchestra USA]
    • Super Smash Bros Melee "Fire Emblem" [Super Smash Bros Melee]
    • FM-84 "Neon Sunrise " [Atlas]
    • Macaross 82-99 "Horsey" [A Million Miles Away]
    • Cocaine Jesus "She" [She]
    • Sevish "Gleam " [Harmony Hacker]
    • Super Smash Bros Melee "Dream Land" [Super Smash Bros Melee]
    • Super Smash Bros Melee "Fountain of Dreams" [Super Smash Bros Melee]
    • Blvk "Air" [Beat Batch #2]
    • Lofi Lia "Main Theme (From "Final Fantasy VII")" [Main Theme (From "Final Fantasy VII")]
    • Jaeden Camstra "Gameboy in Traffic" [Kids' Menu]
    • Windows 96 "Rituals" [One Hundred Mornings]
    • Trash80 "Missing You" [Icarus]
    • Yuni Wa "Its Just A Game" [Context 2]
    • Ponzu Island "Super Koto - Original Mix" [Ponzu Beach]
    • Shinichiro Yokota "Tokyo 018 (Watashi Wa Tokyo Suki)" [I Know You Like It]
    • Bladee "Rainbow" [Good Luck]
    • Good Knight Productions "Mario Kart 64 - Rainbow Road" [The Mario Brothers Collection Vol. III]
    • MGMT "Me and Michael" [Little Dark Age]
    • Kero Kero Bonito "Time Today" [Time 'n' Place]
    • Q Lazzarus "Goodbye Horses" [Goodbye Horses - Single]
    • Home "Resonance" [Odyssey]
    • Gorillaz "All Alone" [Demon Days]
    • Machine Girl "Cyan Hardcore" [RePorpoised Phantasies]
    • Toby Fox "MEGALOVANIA" [UNDERTALE Soundtrack]
    • Daft Punk "Digital Love" [Discovery]