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Hoard Explorer

Friday 6AM-8AM

The Hoard Explorer delves deep into the labyrinthine memory palace to unearth tracks and treasures from across time and space. You won't see it coming but you'll be glad you didn't.

  • April 16, 2021

    HEMD 1

    • Nissim Black "Mothaland Bounce" [Single]
    • The Leshen "ROTALON" [Red of Tooth and Long of Nail]
    • Syunsuke Ono "Disco Is" [Single]
    • Oregon "Ghost Beads" [Winter Light]
    • Alex Cameron "Stepdad" [Miami Memory]
    • Filastine, Beats Antique "Colony Collapse Remix – Beats Antique" [Colony Collapse Remixes]
    • The Hold Steady "Stuck Between Stations" [S/T]
    • Holger Czukay "Cool In The Pool" [Single]
    • Duke Ellington "La Plus Belle Africaine" [Soul Call]
    • X "I Must Not Think Bad Thoughts" [More Fun In The New World]
    • Y La Bamba "Ojos Del Sol" [Ojos Del Sol]
    • clipping. "The Deep" [Single]
    • Mitski "Humpty" [Retired From Sad, New Career In Business]
    • Magma "Hortz Fur Dëhn Stëkëhn Ẁest" [Mekanïk Destruktïẁ Kömmandöh 2017 remaster]
    • Westerman "Easy Money" [Your Hero Is Not Dead]
    • Haruomi Hosono "Boku Wa Chatto" [Hosono House]
    • Helen Reddy "Poor Little Fool" [We'll Sing In The Sunshine]
    • Nina Simone "Sinnerman" [Pastel Blues]
    • Ben Roots "Profanei" [single]
    • Richard Dawson "Weaver" [Peasant]