Government Palace

Prime Minister Parker

Tuesday Midnight-2AM

Government Place wants you to know who's coming through Portland and who's coming from Portland. All the music we feature is by bands and artists playing Portland soon or are PDX hometown heroes. Gov. Palace is here for you.

  • September 25, 2023

    Government Palace 001

    • MonĂ©t X Change "Vi ravviso, o luoghi ameni" [Vi ravviso, o luoghi ameni]
    • Mary Lattimore "Horses, Glossy on the Hill" [Horses, Glossy on the Hill]
    • Jeremiah Chiu "Poem Six" [Song Send Poem]
    • Growing Pains "Lemon Lime" [Thought I Heard Your Car]
    • Melody's Echo Chamber "Quand Vas Tu Rentrer" [Melody's Echo Chamber]
    • Softcult "Drain" [See You In The Dark]
    • Slowdive "shanty" [everything is alive]
    • Mannequin Pussy "Drunk II" [Patience]
    • Blank Banshee "Good Times" [4D]
    • urika's bedroom "Junkie" [Junkie]
    • Hannah Epperson "Circles (Amelia)" [Upsweep]
    • foamboy "Burnout" [Burnout]
    • Joseph Allred "Linville Rag" [The Rambles & Rags of Shiloh]
    • TEKE::TEKE "Gotoku Lemon" [Hagata]
    • Lydia Lunch "Spooky" [Queen of Siam ]
    • Jesse Jo Stark "Fire of Love" [Fire of Love]
    • shame "Yankees" [Food for Worms]
    • Disq "Cujo Kiddies" [Desperately Imagining Someplace Quiet]
    • Stuck "Break The Arc" [Freak Frequency]
    • Botch "Mondrian Was a Liar" [We Are the Romans]
    • Entry "Greed Only Grows" [Exit Interview]
    • Converge "Hell to Pay" [Jane Doe]
    • Deli Girls "I'd Rather Die" [I Don't Know How to Be Happy]
    • Show Me the Body "Loose Talk" [Trouble The Water]
    • Zack Fox "dummy" [dummy]
    • Armand Hammer "Falling out the Sky" [Haram]
    • Kamaiyah "I'm On" [A Good Night in the Ghetto]
    • De La Soul "Me Myself and I" [3 Feet High and Rising]