The Full Life Radical Radio Show


Monday 4PM-6PM

Music and chat by the Full Life All Stars of Portland, Oregon. Full Life is a day program for adults with developmental disabilities.

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  • October 25, 2021

    • October 25, 2021

      Full Life Radical Radio Show 002

      • DAVE/ROB "Mom Dad" [RASTA ep]
      • Electric Fire "Buzzin" [Buzzin]
      • Haddaway "Sing About Love" [What Is Love]
      • Josh C "I Love My Friends" [Josh C]
      • Special K "Ultra Super Dope Love" [HandiRap]
      • Crystal "Fight For Love" [Happy Heart Vol. 1]
      • Heavy Load "Farty Animals" [Shut It]
      • Stevie Wonder "I Just Called To Say I Love You - Single Version" [The Definitive Collection]
      • Bill Withers "Lean on Me" [Still Bill]
      • Jonathan Del Norte "Golpes En El Corazon" [Jonathan Del Norte]
      • Anna Sue "Who Needs To Dream" [Anna Sue]
      • Enrique Iglesias "Hero" [Escape]
      • D.M.S. "Whatya Gunna Do" [Lovesheart]
      • Eddie Braught "Believer" [Look At That Guitar!]
      • Dean Rodney Jr. "Linda Loves Joseph" [The Buzzard Degree]
      • Dean Rodney Jr. & Ravioli Me Away "Dean TV Girls" [Dean TV Girls]
      • Heavy Load "Oh Nicole" [Shut It]
    • October 11, 2021

      Full Life Radical Radio Show 001

      • Full Life All Stars "Witness the Fitness Warm Up" [Witness The Fitness]
      • Melody, K-Lo, Mike D, Dave, and Meli "Nice Work!" [Jams With Friends]
      • Ian "Baby Baby" [Happy Heart Vol. 1]
      • Elissa "Twinkle" [Witness The Fitness]
      • Meli "It Always Means You Won't" [Jams With Friends]
      • Cary "Like A Rolling Stone" [Witness The Fitness]
      • Josh C "Fall Again" [Josh C]
      • Dave "Love Song" [Jams With Friends]
      • D.M.S. "Cooking For My Family" [Lovesheart]
      • Johnny "Johnny's Song" [Witness The Fitness]
      • Blake "Want To Be Loved" [Dreams]
      • Dave "In My Heart, Lunch" [Happy Heart Vol. 1]
      • Josh C "Sweet Apple Pie" [Happy Heart Vol. 1]
      • Anna Sue "Knockin' On Heaven's Door" [Anna Sue]
      • Special K feat. Dugaboo "Party in the Dark" [HandiRap]
      • ALLSTAR "Love & Pizza" [ALLSTAR]
      • Mike & Friends "Home On The Range" [Witness The Fitness]
      • DAVE/ROB "Honey" [RASTA ep]
      • Full Life All Stars "Computer" [Witness The Fitness]
      • ALLSTAR "Without You" [ALLSTAR]
      • Jazmica "Dreams Come True" [Happy Heart Vol. 1]