Saturday 4AM-6AM

Step into Frequenciex as we welcome you into a spectrum from house and techno to hardstyle and trance, and everything in between. Join EchoBeam in their attempt to trace and break down the barriers between these genres with high levels of intensity and emotion. Sit back and enjoy or get up and dance, each new Frequenciex broadcast is sure to broaden your horizons and have a little something for everyone!

  • October 16, 2021


    • Idris Elba, Eliza Legzdina "Fudge (Extended)" [Fudge]
    • Tita Lau "Temperature - Extended Mix" [Stereohype Label Sampler: Volume 4]
    • VTSS "Von Dutch" [ALVIN]
    • Salvatore Ganacci "Fight Dirty" [Fight Dirty]
    • Robin Aristo "This Sound - Extended Mix" [This Sound]
    • Macova "Another Galaxy" [Another Galaxy]
    • Haiku Hands "Eat This Bass" [Haiku Hands]
    • Jaded "Wale" [Welcome To The People]
    • PEACE MAKER! "Babylonia" [Babylonia]
    • Super8 & Tab "Eternal Sequence - Nifra Extended Mix" [Empire 10 (Part 2)]
    • TOBEHONEST "Without You - Extended Version" [Without You]
    • Sofi Tukker "Drinkee - Carl Cox Remix" [Drinkee (Carl Cox Remix)]
    • deadmau5 "Imaginary Friends - i_o Remix" [We Are Friends, Vol. 8]
    • Kaspar "Injection - Original Mix" [Injection (Original Mix)]
    • AIROD "Adrenaline" [Exhale VA001]
    • Frankyeffe "Monkey" [Asteroid / Monkey]
    • Lokier "Energy" [Preech]
    • Grace Dahl "The Art of Acceptance" [01010100 Various Artists 002]
    • Slime Coca "Sourness - WZX_O Remix" [Regeneration EP]
    • Blastoyz "Pantheon" [Pantheon]
    • Channel X "Rave the Rhythm (Trance Mix)" [Best of 90s Rave Anthems]
    • Chippy Nonstop "Straight To Hell - Gendered Dekonstruktion Remix" [Straight To Hell: The Remixes]
    • DJ Satomi "Castle In The Sky" [Greatest Hits]
    • Vegas (Brazil) "Elipsy - Hi Profile Remix" [Elipsy]