Thursday 2PM-4PM

FREE PLAY sets the stage for you to heal yourself and move. Jump into playtime with Triniti and feel good!

  • October 14, 2021

    FREEPLAY 001

    • Robert Miles "Children (dream version)" [Dreamland]
    • ANF "ANF Dub (D.Tiffany's Milano Remix)" [TV Science]
    • DJ Rob-E "Diving Faces" [Orlando Breaks V.02]
    • Eat Static "Om Machine" [Prepare Your Spirit]
    • Raw M.T "WWM" [LOBSTER PLUR Vol 2]
    • Tagi "303PM" [Pure Crime Vol 1]
    • Konx-Om-Pax "Shibuya Sunset (Hardcore Mix)" [Evident Ware Pt 2]
    • Ashford Knights "Sinkhole" [Evident Ware Pt 2]
    • Fiesta Soundsystem "Uhhh Oops" [Jungle 140]
    • Fleck "I Can Tell By Your Eyes" [ATR011]
    • KETTAMA "Playwithfiyayamustgetburn" [Single]
    • Coco Bryce "One" [Evident Ware Pt 2]
    • DJ Paypal "Over" [Why]
    • Shed "Drop" [Evident Ware Pt 2]
    • Manuel Fischer "Kintsugi Healed the Doomer" [LOBSTER PLUR Vol 1]
    • Warwick "Holla" [LOBSTER PLUR Vol 2]
    • Ase Manuel "Fire in the Hole (feat. Marvelito)" [Black Liquid Electronics]
    • Imre Kiss "Axyn" [LOBSTER PLUR Vol 2]
    • ANF "TV Science" [TV Science]
    • Stones Taro "Digital Vintage" [Digital Vintage]
    • TDJ "Open Air ft. fknsyd" [TDJ002 DELUXE]
    • Hannah Diamond "Fade Away" [Reflections]
    • oqbqbo & Scandinavian Star "Airdrops" [Airdrops / Coercion]