Fog Fuzz

Husky Bobby

Sunday Noon-2PM

Fog Fuzz is a showcase of tracks that feel uniquely fitting for our northwest landscape. This includes lots of soundscapes historically relevant to the Northwest's music scene (grunge, punk, post-punk, post-hardcore, shoegaze) with other additional sounds that pair well with this environment (no wave, krautrock, techno, psychedelic).

  • March 08, 2020

    fog fuzz #1

    Substitute DJ: Odd Monster

    • Naomi Punk "The Buzz" [The Feeling]
    • Broken Water "Heal" [Whet]
    • Unwound "Dragnalus" [Fake Train]
    • Sonic Youth "Starpower" [Evol]
    • Blonde Redhead "Symphony of Treble" [Fake Can Be Just as Good]
    • Cocteau Twins "in Our Angelhood" [Head Over Heels]
    • Pink Industry "Don't Let Go - 12” Version" [New Naked Technology 2010 Remasters]
    • CC Dust "Mutiny" [CC Dust]
    • Alan Vega "American" [Righteous Lite]
    • Big Bite "War" [Big Bite]
    • The Brian Jonestown Massacre "Crushed" [Methodrone]
    • Wooden Shjips "Death's Not Your Friend (live)" [Vol. 2]
    • The Clean "Thumbs Off" [Anthology]
    • The Rats "Teenagers" [The Rats]
    • Meth Teeth "Never Been To Church" [Everything Went Wrong]
    • Vice Device "Boy" [Living Textures]
    • Duster "Ghost World" [Duster]
    • Marbled Eye "Laughing Sound" [Leisure]
    • Chapterhouse "Breather" [Whirlpool (Expanded Edition)]
    • OCD "Suspended" [Quality of Life]
    • Dead Can Dance "Threshold (Remastered)" [Dead Can Dance (Remastered)]
    • Ulrika Spacek "Beta Male" [The Album Paranoia]
    • Weed "Heal" [Deserve]
    • They Are Gutting a Body of Water "63 skies" [Destiny XL]
    • Pardoner "Blue Hell" [Uncontrollable Salvation]
    • The Halo Benders "Virginia Reel Around The Fountain" [The Rebels Not In]
    • Chromatics "On The Wall" [Closer To Grey]