Early Morning Breakfast Blend

Sweet Jane

Thursday 6AM-8AM

Whether you're in need of a slow start or a late for work jam, join me for a rich, multi-genre blend to start your day off right.

  • April 16, 2021


    • The Slits "Instant Hit - Instrumental Outtake" [Cut (Deluxe Edition)]
    • Budgie "Hot As A Docker's Armpit - 2013 Remaster" [Squawk (2013 remaster)]
    • Fugazi "Waiting Room" [13 Songs]
    • Kyuss "One Inch Man" [...And The Circus Leaves Town]
    • Deadbolt "James Bond Theme/You Only Live Twice" [Secret Agent Sounds]
    • Amyl and The Sniffers "Shake Ya" [Amyl and The Sniffers]
    • Iggy Pop "Five Foot One" [New Values]
    • IDLES "I'm Scum" [Joy as an Act of Resistance.]
  • April 16, 2021

    Birthday Mixx

    • Sheena Ringo "Yattsuke Shigoto" [Karuki Zahmen Kuri No Hana]
    • Earth, Wind & Fire "Got to Get You Into My Life" [The Best Of Earth, Wind & Fire Vol. 1]
    • Sammy Rae & The Friends "The Feeling" [The Good Life]
    • Rayzd "Tank" [Just Fade Away: Music of Cowboy Bebop and Other Sounds for the Otaku]
    • Janelle Monáe "Tightrope (feat. Big Boi) - Big Boi Vocal Edit" [The ArchAndroid]
    • of Montreal "Gronlandic Edit" [Hissing Fauna, Are You The Destroyer?]
    • Sylvan Esso "Ferris Wheel" [Free Love]
  • April 15, 2021

    Early Morning Breakfast Blend 4/15

    • Fugazi "Arpeggiator" [End Hits]
    • Gøggs "She Got Harder" [Gøggs]
    • Amyl and The Sniffers "Punisha" [Amyl and The Sniffers]
    • Jurassic 5 "Quality Control" [Quality Control]
    • A Tribe Called Quest "Scenario" [The Low End Theory]
    • Mos Def "Hip Hop" [Black On Both Sides]
    • De La Soul "Eye Know" [3 Feet High and Rising]
    • Kendrick Lamar "untitled 06 | 06.30.2014." [untitled unmastered.]
    • The Slits "Typical Girls - Instrumental Outtake" [Cut (Deluxe Edition)]
    • King Princess "PAIN" [PAIN]
    • The Drums "Lets Go Surfing" [The Drums]
    • The Asteroids Galaxy Tour "The Sun Ain't Shining No More" [Fruit]
    • Sheena Ringo "Kabuki-cho No Joou" [Muzai Moratorium]
    • The Jam "Scrape Away - Instrumental" [Sound Affects (Deluxe Edition)]
    • Stiff Little Fingers "Barbed Wire Love" [Inflammable Material]
    • The Kinks "The First Time We Fall in Love" [Schoolboys in Disgrace]
    • 10cc "Rubber Bullets" [10cc]
    • The Modern Lovers "Roadrunner" [The Modern Lovers]
    • XTC "Making Plans For Nigel" [Drums And Wires]
    • Aimee Mann "Susan" [Bachelor No. 2 (Or, The Last Remains of the Dodo)]
    • St. Vincent "Prince Johnny" [St. Vincent]
    • Jamila Woods "Holy" [Holy]
    • SEATBELTS "Cosmos" [COWBOY BEBOP (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)]
    • Stephen Malkmus "Cash Up" [Traditional Techniques]
    • Sun Kil Moon "Glenn Tipton" [Ghosts of the Great Highway]
    • Stuart Duncan "Attaboy" [The Goat Rodeo Sessions]
    • Joanna Newsom "Jackrabbits" [Have One On Me]
    • Brian Eno "1/1 - Remastered 2004" [Ambient 1/Music For Airports]
    • Lisel "Digital Light Field" [Angels on the Slope]
    • Bullion "Hula" [Hula]
    • Kate Bush "Cloudbusting - 2018 Remaster" [Hounds of Love (2018 Remaster)]
    • Genesis "The Carpet Crawlers - 2007 Stereo Mix" [The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway (2007 Stereo Mix)]
    • Nick Cave "Lavender Fields" [CARNAGE]
    • Sigur Rós "Svefn-g-englar" [Ágætis byrjun]