Cutty Cuts

DJ Eat Meter & DJ Zofkie

Tuesday 4PM-6PM

Cutty is west coast/bay area slang for anything that is cool and obscure. "Cut" in this context is a term for a song or track on an album. Therefore, "Cutty Cuts" is a radio show dedicated to ultra-obscure, freaky music that needs to be heard. This spans many genres and time periods, however the general connection between the songs is that they are hard to find on any mainstream streaming services. From the depths of youtube to the goodwill bins music selection, Cutty Cuts fulfills all of your obscure music needs.

  • March 03, 2020

    Cutty Cuts (3/3/2020)

    • PIPER "Summer Breeze" [Summer Breeze]
    • Velly Joonas "Kaes On Aeg" [Stopp, Seisku Aeg (Single)]
    • Benny "Skatebaord UH-AH-AH" [Skateboard UH-AH-AH (Single)]
    • Sheena and the Rokkets "Ukabino No Peach Girl" [Channel Good]
    • Koukeri "Broji Do Sto" [Koukeri 4]
    • Rupa "Aaj Shanipar" [Rupa]
    • Chiemi Manabe "Untotooku" [Wonder Girl]
    • Claire An "Pres de Toi" [Pres de Toi (Je N'ai Pas Peur) 7" Single]
    • Letta Mbulu "Hamba Nam We" [In the Music The Village Never Ends]
    • Tatsuro Yamashita "Only With You" [Big Wave]
    • Momoko Kikuchi "Mystical Composer" [Adventure]
    • Trio Expres "Ploaia Nu E In Zadar" [Trio Expres]
    • Chen Qiong Mei "Going to America" [Oh! Carlo]
    • Al Massrieen "Sah" [Modern Music (Habibi Funk 006)]
    • Tatsuro Yamashita "Misty Mauve" [Rarities]
    • Jolanta Arnal "Take Off" [Jola Arnal]
    • Beers "Broken Wiper" [Mistress]
    • Marcos Valle "Bicicleta" [Bicicleta / Beta Menina - Single]
    • Tomoko Aran "Midnight Pretenders" [Fuyu Kukan]
    • Isabelle "Music Music Mus'hic" [Music Music Mus'hic / Dingue Du Rock 7"]
    • Velly Joonas "Stopp, Seisku Aeg!" [Stopp, Seisku Aeg (Single)]
    • Yukihiro Takahashi "Connection" [Neuromantic]
    • Marcos Valle "Tapa No Real" [Marcos Valle]
    • Takako Mamiya "Midnight Jokes" [Love Trip]
    • Chiemi Manabe "Persimmon Blue" [Wonder Girl]
    • Miki Matsubara "Stay With Me" [Platinum Best Matsubara Miki]