Bionic Exotica

Dr. Axolotl & DJ Non Grata

Monday 6PM-8PM

Broadcasting from a bamboo control tower on the dormant volcano of a nameless Pacific atoll, Bionic Exotica is a post-colonial cargo cult of the airwaves, relaying mutant signals from a psychotronic world music utopia. From classic lounge kitsch and Bollywood psychedelia to plunderphonic and indigenous electronica, we scour the globe in search of weird and wonderful fusion music to bring you a sonic travelogue that's as far from the familiar as you can get without a passport.

  • April 16, 2021

    Bionic Exotica Birthday Mix

    • Leftfield "Afrika Shox" [Rhythm and Stealth]
    • Streamer "Plata de Frijoles Refritos " [Cumbia Amazonica ]
    • Nasty Tales "Come On-A My House - Big '60S Extended Mix" [Come On-A My House]
    • N.o.h.a. "Balkan Hot-Step" [Next Plateau]
    • Ratatat "Party with Children" [LP4]
    • Anne Dudley "Minarets and Memories" [Songs From The Victorious City]
    • The Wolfgang Press "Mama Told Me Not to Come" [Queer]
    • Pérez Prado "Why Wait? (Mambo)" [Vintage Music No. 51 - LP: Pérez Prado]
    • Lucy Love "Drug - Copia Doble's Cumbia Remix" [Cumbia Libertad (A Cumbia Compilation)]
    • Yeasayer "Tightrope" [Dark Was The Night (Red Hot Compilation)]
  • April 12, 2021

    • April 12, 2021

      With Ecuadorian Mangoes!

      • Senor Coconut "Firecracker" [Yellow Fever]
      • Amerigo Gazaway "Feel Good Inc. (instrumental mix)" [Fela Soul Instrumentals]
      • John Buzon Trio "Mambo Rock" [Music For A Bachelor's Den, Vol. 3]
      • Material "Conspiracies (feat. Kool Keith & Kut Masta Kurt)" [Intonarumori]
      • Amon Tobin "Rise to Ashes" [Rise to Ashes]
      • Holly Herndon "Frontier" [PROTO]
      • Harry Breuer "Minute Merengue" [Mallet Mischief, Vol. 2]
      • Kipp Hamilton "Words Get Stuck In My Throat" [War Of The Gargantuas Soundtrack]
      • Mick Karn "Passion In Moisture" [Titles]
      • Cheb Mami "Maniche aadouk" [Le prince du raï]
      • Secret Chiefs 3 "Akramachmarei" [Xaphan: The Book Of Angels, Vol. 9]
      • Mouse On Mars "Artificial Authentic" [Artificial Authentic]
      • Sunil Ganguly "Ahjoon Na Aye" [Bollywood Steel Guitar ]
      • Sumohair "Sitar Riddim" [Raja Sound - An Indian Bass Compilation]
      • Art Of Noise "Slip Of The Tongue " [In Visible Silence]
      • Rhythm & Noise "Schismatic " [Chasms Accord]
      • Martin Denny "Let Go" [Exotic Moog]
      • Robert Walter's 20th Congress "Temporary Secretary" [Aquarium Drunkard's Lagniappe Sessions]
      • Beastie Boys "Suco De Tangerina" [The Mix-Up]
      • Yvat "Graph - Vibrophone Edit" [Exeunt]
      • Björk "Wanderlust - Ratatat Remix" [Voltaic: The Volta Mixes]
      • Nortec Collective "Colorado" [Tijuana Sessions Vol. 3]
      • Buraka Som Sistema "Komba" [Komba]
      • Kraftwerk "Aero Dynamik" [Tour De France (2009 Remaster)]
      • Cybotron "Clear" [Clear]
      • Leftfield "Head And Shoulders" [Alternative Light Source]
      • Philip Glass "Osamu's Theme: KYOKO'S HOUSE" [Mishima]
      • Trinidad Serenaders "Anna (El Negro Zumbon)" [Limbo - The Latest Party Craze]
      • Santigold "Pirate in the Water" [Master of My Make-Believe]
      • Lily Allen "Straight to Hell (feat. Mick Jones)" [War Child - Heroes Vol.1]
      • Don Cherry "Luna Turca" [Om Shanti Om]
      • Trio "Minoi Minoi E" [Hukilau Hulas]